Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves for garden irrigation

A solenoid valve is controlled by the irrigation controller. This is done by the controller releasing voltage and thus activating the valve. Under the force of the water pressure and the activated solenoid, the valve can open and release water into the respective irrigation circuit. Standard irrigation controllers and valves operate on 24 volt alternating current (AC, 50-60 Hz). Thus, controllers and solenoid valves with AC solenoids from various manufacturers such as Hunter, Rain Bird, RPE, Gardena & Co. are interchangeable. Since the polarity is irrelevant, two connection cables of the same color are installed. When there is no current, solenoid valves are always closed (NC - normally closed) for safety reasons.

Standard solenoid valves for irrigation have a 1-inch (1") thread. The valves are usually available with either female (type IG 1" G) or male (type AG 1" MM ) fitting. A solenoid valve is usually made of plastic.

Solenoid valves with 24 V alternating current (24 VAC) are standard in irrigation.

12VDC/24VDC Solenoid Valves
12VDC/24VDC Solenoid Valves

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Solenoid Valves - Battery
Solenoid Valves - Battery

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Hunter Solenoid Valve
Hunter Solenoid Valve

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Rain Bird Solenoid Valve

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RPE Solenoid Valve

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Hunter PGV, ICV, IBV solenoid valve - pressure resistant irrigation valve

A Hunter PGV series solenoid valve, for example, is pressure-resistant up to a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar (PN 10). There are also professional versions with a much more robust design made of plastic reinforced with fiberglass (ICV) or even brass valve bodies (IBV).

Our expert tip: the solenoid valve thread

Solenoid valves with male thread are the preferred option due to their higher stability, since threaded fittings can mounted. Be cautions with valves with female threads - under no circumstances should a metal male thread be fitted into a plastic female thread.

The correct operating voltage for an electric water valve

If the voltage supply is direct current (DC), the AC coils may heat up considerably. The wrong current can cause damage to the solenoid coil. Therefore, there are special DV solenoid valves (2-way) that operate with nominal voltage 12 VDC or 24 VDC. DC actuators are also often used in Smart Home systems. With this option, the use of an additional transformer may no longer be necessary and the relay can switch through directly. With this coil type, you can then activate the valve distribution directly electrically with the DC actuator of your Smart Home.

Our Plug&Rain® system offeres you completely pre-assembled valve boxes plus the matching control unit. Further information, sets and required parts can be found here.

Flow control on the solenoid valve

The Hunter solenoid valves without flow control are marked e.g. Hunter PGV 100 MM, the models with flow control are marked Hunter PGV 101 MM. The flow control allows you to regulate the opening of the membrane and thus adjust the amount of water flowing through.

High tank + electric ball valve = 2-way solenoid valve directly controlled

With very low pipe pressure (e.g. high tank), the pressure may not be sufficient to open the membrane. This is particularly true if there is no electricity in the garden and irrigation is to be carried out from high tanks. In this case, the electric valve should be directly or force-controlled or have a servo-controlled drive. Directly controlled valves are usually available as 9V versions. For servo-controlled valves, check which control system can be used with the respective valve.

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