Greenhouse irrigation

Water supply in the greenhouse - healthy and high-yielding plants all year round

A greenhouse in the garden makes the heart of every ambitious gardener beat faster - from Mediterranean to tropical, there are virtually no limits to what can be planted. Even the cultivation of exotic plants can be a breeze with the right greenhouse irrigation. To ensure that the water reaches where it is needed, near-root irrigation methods with drip pipes or localised micro-drippers are ideal. This irrigation method in the greenhouse prevents too much water from remaining on the leaves and too much moisture from remaining in the air. This is good for plant health and protects against leaf diseases and fungal infections.

You can find all information about greenhouse irrigation in our Plug&Rain® Micro Irrigation Catalogue.

Especially heat-loving crops such as tomatoes provide particularly abundant yields. This also applies to foil house or cold frame: The harvest period in vegetable cultivation is considerably extended when cultivated under glass or foil and yields also increase.

Not only the protection against frost and the higher temperatures in spring and autumn, but also a defined greenhouse irrigation with our micro-sets [GWEX] leads to particularly healthy and vital plants. For the targeted application of water in the typically small beds of greenhouses, the drip tube is ideally suited. Even in irregularly shaped plantings, drip tubes can simply be laid out at a distance of around 30 cm and you will receive a perfectly even water supply via this.

Because the water is delivered close to the ground, the leaves stay dry and the plants stay healthy. You have other plants in pots or hanging baskets in your greenhouse? Simply combine your greenhouse irrigation with a Plug&Rain®micro set for potted plants. You can even connect that directly to your drip pipe.

You can enable the water supply for your greenhouse irrigation by tap, rainwater cistern or well water. You can find the appropriate controls or main lines including pressure reduction in our store. The micro sets are then connected to these main lines.

All information about greenhouse irrigation can be found in our catalog Plug&Rain Micro Irrigation .

Planning irrigation in the greenhouse

There are various systems to choose from for watering your greenhouse plants. Basically, all variants are elements of micro-irrigation.

You can find out how to plan and set up such a system professionally on the following pages. We also provide you with comprehensive brochures and various planning tools free of charge.

Systems for everyday life & vacation

Always the optimum climate in the greenhouse

A special microclimate prevails in the greenhouse. It is important to maintain optimum humidity, which results from irrigation and evaporation according to requirements. This optimum climate is ensured by micro-irrigation technology that automatically waters your ornamental and crop plants.

Thanks to micro-irrigation, you can go on vacation with a clear conscience while your fruit, vegetables and flowers continue to thrive. And once the system has been installed, you can enjoy watering all year round.

  • Drip pipes are laid in rows or grids and ensure that the soil is evenly moistened.
  • Micro-irrigation  with individual drippers enables optimum water supply close to the roots.
  • The Tropf-Blumat supplies plants with water individually and naturally. A clay cone forms the heart of the irrigation system and is both a water dispenser and soil moisture sensor.

Our sets for greenhouses

Quick and easy to install: the Plug&Rain® irrigation kits

  • With the Plug&Rain® test sets for micro-irrigation, you can get to know the components of an irrigation system for the greenhouse.
  • The Plug&Rain® installation sets enable you to install the system quickly and professionally thanks to pre-assembled components and parts.
  • With Plug&Rain® complete sets, you can start installation straight away and then immediately enjoy the benefits of a micro-irrigation system for your plants.

Further information on the sets and Plug&Rain® products can be found on the following pages.