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PE pipes for irrigation from DVS Beregnung GmbH – Single-variety pallets wholesale trade

Welcome to the category of PE pipes for the installation of irrigation systems, presented by DVS Beregnung GmbH, a wholesaler and retailer of irrigation technology. DVS Beregnung has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of PE pipes for irrigation technology in German-speaking countries and offers a wide range of high-quality pipes for your irrigation projects.

Pure pallets of PE pipe - the range from DVS Beregnung:

The special feature of this store category is the packaging and delivery of the PE pipes. We offer our products in large bundles, with each packaging unit comprising a single-variety pallet. This option is specially designed for bulk buyers and projects that require large quantities of PE pipe. The pallet packaging ensures efficient handling and storage, while also enabling easy and safe delivery of the pipes.

Our PE pipe pallets are shipped by a forwarding agent. This ensures that even large orders arrive reliably, safely and on time at their destination. At DVS Beregnung, we understand the logistical challenges of large irrigation projects and have optimized our supply chain accordingly to ensure smooth and efficient delivery.

Our PE pipes are in demand not only because of their quality and versatility, but also because of DVS Beregnung's expertise in irrigation technology. Whether for agricultural irrigation systems, landscaping or municipal irrigation projects, our PE pipes in bulk offer a reliable and durable solution for all your irrigation installations. Discover our range and benefit from our comprehensive selection and professional service.

Optimizing construction site logistics: PE pipes with a large identification strip for the installation of irrigation technology

In the world of irrigation technology and construction site logistics, the identification and handling of materials is often a challenge. To meet this need, the introduction of PE pipes with a large identification strip has proven to be an innovative solution. These specially marked pipes offer decisive advantages in terms of efficiency and clarity on construction sites.

Recognizability and increased efficiency: differentiation between drinking water PE pipe and service water PE pipe

The green stripe on the PE pipes serves as a simple but effective means of quick identification. On large construction sites where different types of pipes and cables are laid, identifying irrigation pipes can be a time-consuming task. The large strip allows workers to recognize irrigation pipes at a glance and prevents confusion with other pipes such as sewage or gas pipes.

Standardization and safety: improved recognition of green-marked PE pipe

In addition to improved visibility, PE pipes with a green stripe contribute to standardization on construction sites. They ensure consistent marking, which is particularly important for projects with extensive irrigation systems. This standardization can also contribute to occupational safety by preventing incorrect connections and the resulting problems.

  • LDPE pipes: Available in pressure resistance PN4 and PN6, we offer these pipes in external diameters of 16mm, 20mm, 24mm (Blu-Lock), 25mm and 32mm. These pipes are ideal for low-pressure-based irrigation systems in gardens, greenhouses and other agricultural applications.
  • HDPE pipes: For more demanding applications, we produce HDPE pipes with higher pressure resistance from PN10 (10 bar continuous pressure resistant) to PN16 (16 bar continuous pressure resistant). These are available in diameters of 20mm, 25mm and 32mm and are ideal for main water pipes, high-strength installations in irrigation technology and other applications that require a higher pressure resistance.

Material and time savings

The clear identification provided by the green strip can help to reduce material waste and optimize work processes. Incorrectly laid pipes often lead to additional work and material costs. With easily identifiable pipes, such errors can be minimized, which in turn saves time and resources.

Application areas: Watering installation on large construction sites

PE pipes with a large strip are available in various diameters and pressure classes to meet a wide range of irrigation needs. They are suitable for both above ground and underground installations and are an ideal choice for agricultural irrigation systems, landscaping and municipal irrigation projects.

PE pipes with a large identification strip offer a simple but effective solution to improve logistics and efficiency on construction sites. Thanks to their easily recognizable identification, they help to reduce errors, improve work safety and optimize construction times. For construction companies and landscapers looking for reliable and efficient irrigation solutions, these pipes are an excellent choice.