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Plan and install your perfect garden irrigation system

Planning, installation and intelligent control of irrigation systems - at DVS Beregnung you get your all-round carefree package for innovative and user-friendly garden irrigation solutions. Discover how you can water your garden efficiently and sustainably!

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Welcome to your digital planning office - it has never been so easy to plan a customized garden irrigation system!

With our free online software, you can plan your garden irrigation clearly and stress-free. We have designed the software so that you are guided through 5 simple steps, from drawing the areas to the optimum sprinkler positioning and the parts list.

The planning software supports you at every step with all the relevant information. At the end of the planning process, you can have your project checked by us in the professional check. This gives you the certainty that your investment will work perfectly!

  • AI-based planning software: Intuitive tool that guides you through every planning step. From area drawings, sprinkler positioning and pipe planning to detailed material lists.
  • Automatic calculations: Suggests sprinkler positions, calculates uniformity via precipitation simulation, can calculate hydraulics and pressure losses in the pipe. This ensures that your irrigation works efficiently and reliably for you.
  • Comprehensive parts list: All the necessary components for your irrigation system at a glance. No missing parts that could delay installation or don't fit together.
  • Seamless planning & online ordering: You can place your order directly in the software or transfer it to the store's wish list.

Simple installation with Plug&Rain®

The Plug&Rain® system makes installing your irrigation system quick and easy:

  • Pre-assembled components: Simple connections, 100% compatibility, clear installation. You save time and stress during installation.
  • Versatile application: For lawns, hedges, trees, vegetable patches, raised beds and more. Every watering requirement is covered.

Seamless integration with IoT technology

Stay up to date and optimize your irrigation with advanced sensor technology. DVS Irrigation "Smart Garden" is your visualization of sensor data to monitor and control your irrigation:

  • Real-time monitoring: soil moisture sensors monitor whether there is still sufficient moisture in the soil and notify you if the soil moisture is too low. Filters can be monitored with pressure sensors. This allows you to keep an eye on the most important parameters of your irrigation at all times.
  • Digital twin: Planning your system is the basis for visualization in the "Smart Garden". The digital twin of your garden irrigation system shows you whether everything is in the green zone or where the irrigation settings need to be optimized.
  • Hunter Hydrawise integration: You can use the API to link soil moisture sensors and limit values directly with the Hunter Hydrawise controller and interrupt irrigation if there is still sufficient moisture in the soil. This allows you to maximize the efficiency of your irrigation and provide plants with the optimum amount of water according to their needs.

Comprehensive support and resources

We support you with a variety of planning aids and know-how that you can use for your successful irrigation project:

  • User manuals and video tutorials: Detailed instructions and visual aids. Step-by-step instructions to help you get started.
  • Pop-up hints and tips: Valuable insights during planning. Get lots of useful hints and tips directly in the planning software.
  • Professional check service: DVS experts check and optimize your design. Your planning is put through its paces again.
  • Team meeting: If you would like to discuss your irrigation planning with us after the professional check, a member of staff will be available to discuss your planning, clarify your questions and finalize the project in a team meeting.

Easy shopping and fast delivery

As soon as your planning is complete, you can order all the materials you need quickly and easily:

  • Detailed parts list: All components at a glance. No more tedious searching for individual parts.
  • One-click ordering: Add all parts to your online shopping cart and have them delivered directly to your home. Save time and start your project immediately.

Discover the future of garden irrigation

With DVS Irrigation you choose quality, ease of use and efficiency. We help you to irrigate your garden with minimum effort and maximum results.

Get started today with the DVS Irrigation Planner and turn your garden into a thriving oasis! 

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