Compatibility solenoid valve Gardena with Hunter, Rain Bird, etc.

Gardena Valves
Compatibility with other manufacturers

Underground valve distribution: for large gardens

A sprinkler system with irrigation circuits is controlled from a central location with an irrigation device and solenoid valves. From there, pipes lead to the pop-up sprinklers and drip pipes. Each irrigation circuit can be controlled separately via the distribution valve.

Solenoid valves for irrigation: Valve technology for water supply

The Gardena 24 V Irrigation Valve can be operated with both Gardena 24 V Irrigation Control and Hunter and Rain Bird 24 V AC Controls. Hunter and Rain Bird 24 V AC solenoid valves can also be operated with Gardena multi-channel irrigation control (irrigation control 4030, irrigation control 6030 or irrigation control 4040 modular).



Rain Bird

1” Solenoid valve female thread 24 V AC

Irrigation valve

24 V (1278)


100-DV: 1” (26/34) IG (BSP)

1” Solenoid valve external thread 24 V AC


100-DV-9V: 1” (26/34) IG (BSP)

1” Solenoid valve female thread 9 V Battery

Irrigation valve

9 V (1251)


100-DV-MM: 1” (26/34) AG (BSP)

1” Solenoid valve external thread 9 V Battery


100 - DV- MM - 9V: 1” ( 26 / 34 ) AG ( BSP )

Manual opening and closing of solenoid valves

All Gardena, Hunter and Rain Bird irrigation valves can be manually opened and closed as needed. This allows the irrigation system to be operated independently of the automatic control system for testing the sprinkler system or for wintering the entire irrigation system.

Valve boxes, multicore underground cables, waterproof cable connections

Valve boxes are necessary for underground installation of valve distribution. We recommend that the cable connection for the 24 V power supply is made with waterproof gel cable connectors. We recommend a multi-core connection cable suitable for underground installation. Before the first ground frost, the valve box and the entire irrigation system should be emptied with an air compressor.

Completely assembled Plug&Rain valve box from DVS Beregnung

  • High-quality components from Hunter, Dura and Amiad
  • Finished assembled, simply connect the PE pipes
  • For professional underground installation of irrigation valves
  • union fittings with end seals for easy installation or replacement of irrigation valves
  • Ideal for the installation of a garden irrigation system


DVS Beregnung

Valve box with 1 solenoid valve

valve box V1 (1254)


valve box with 2 solenoid valves


Valve box Plug&Rain Expert 2er

valve box with 3 solenoid valves

valve box V3 (1255)

Valve box Plug&Rain Expert 3er

valve box with 4 solenoid valves


Valve box Plug&Rain Expert 4er

valve box with 5 solenoid valves


Valve box Plug&Rain Expert 5er

valve box with 6 solenoid valves


Valve box Plug&Rain Expert 6er

Valve box with 8 solenoid valves


Valve box Plug&Rain Expert 8er

Valve box with 10 solenoid valves


Valve box Plug&Rain Expert 10er

earth cable

Connecting cable 24 V (1280)

7 wire, 15m for up to 6 valves

5-wire 15m cable length

5-wire 30m cable length

7-core 15m cable length

7-core 30m cable length



Waterproof cable connection for 2 wires (control cable)

Cable terminal 24 V (1282)


Waterproof cable connection for up to 5 wires (control cable or ground)