Drip Pipe Plug&Rain®

All-inclusive Plug&Rain® sets for bed irrigation  - water on for flowers and hedges

A drip pipe is the best choice when watering perennials, beds and hedges because the emitters release water slowly and in a controlled manner at regular intervals.

The Plug&Rain® Drip Pipe assembly set contains all the necessary components for the end fitting to a PE supply line in the 24 mm Blu-Lock system (alternatively with 32 mm or Gardena-compatible 25 mm pressure fitting).

The Plug&Rain® Drip Pipe assembly set also contains the required drip pipe for watering approx. 35m² of bed area or around 50 metres of hedge. Plus all the necessary small parts such as fittings, T-pieces and ground pegs, which are necessary for laying the drip pipe.

The three quality levels of the Plug&Rain® Drip Pipe assembly set

  • ECO (Irritec drip pipe)
  • EXPERT (drip pipe from Rain Bird)
  • PREMIUM (drip pipe from the market leader Netafim)

The advantages of a drip pipe

Due to the ground-level release of large drops, drip pipe is particularly water-efficient, uniform and gentle on the plants. Sensitive flowers are treated with care. Plants that are prone to fungal diseases when their leaves get damp grow better, as they are only supplied with water in the root zone. Thanks to a pressure compensation system built into each individual dripper, the amount of water delivered to each emitter always remains the same - even if the water pressure within the pipe varies, for example due to differences in height or distance from the water supply.

Once overgrown by plants, an irrigation system with a drip pipe is virtually undetectable visually and remains inconspicuous even during watering periods.

Installation instructions for drip pipes

Drip pipes are usually installed above ground. However, depending on the design, it is also possible to install them underground. In this case, you should integrate the Plug&Rain® add-on set for underground installation into your drip irrigation system at the highest possible point. Since a drip pipe is supplied with lower pressure than the water supply usually provides, a Plug&Rain® drip pipe connection set always includes a suitable pressure reducer. In the EXPERT and PREMIUM Plug&Rain® versions, the connection is already pre-assembled - which makes installation much easier and shorter.

Additional Plug&Rain® fittings are available for laying the drip pipe in several smaller beds.