Drip irrigation and spray irrigation - optimal irrigation with small amounts of water

Micro-irrigation is the most efficient and professional way to automatically water your balcony, raised bed or garden. The micro-irrigation system supplies each individual plant with exactly the right amount of water. With the help of the sprinklers and emitters, the water is delivered directly to the roots. This means that less of the water evaporates on the surface as it seeps directly into the soil. The PE pipes run off the tap and directly to the plants. Micro-irrigation also eliminates the problem with weeds, as water is only released where there are plants, for example in beds.
Micro-irrigation is extremely flexible and can be adapted to your individual needs. At DVS we offer a wide range of micro-irrigation products to suit your specific micro-irrigation requirements.

Balcony & Terrace Plug&Rain<sup>®</sup>micro
Balcony & Terrace Plug&Rain®micro

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Garden & Beds Plug&Rain®micro

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Micro-irrigation: Watering plants automatically as needed

When it comes to irrigation systems in the garden, one generally distinguishes between underground irrigation (e.g. sprinklers and drip pipes) and micro-irrigation.
Micro-irrigation is a type of irrigation in which only very small amounts of water are distributed using spray and drip irrigation. It enables the targeted and optimal water supply of each individual plant and evenly moistens the soil in the root zone. Micro-irrigation can easily be combined with underground irrigation.

Download free planning manual & guides:

Catalog & Planning Manual Microirrigation

Planning manual / Catalogue MICRO-IRRIGATION

Information on how to best plan a micro-irrigation system in the garden or on the balcony can be found in our planning manual and catalogue Plug&Rain®mikro as well as on our Planning & Services page.

Micro-irrigation with the Plug&Rain®mikro system: drip pipe, micro sprayer and drip irrigation in a set

PLUG&RAIN®mikro: MICRO-IRRIGATION WITH A SYSTEM. Whether balcony, bed or greenhouse - thanks to the innovative Plug&Rain®mikro modular system, you can put together the perfect watering solution yourself. This way, you can easily create your individual micro-irrigation system. Our complete sets contain all the necessary installation materials for the respective area of application and are very easy to install.

If you have any questions about micro-irrigation, please contact our customer service by email!

With Plug&Rain®mikro to the perfect micro-irrigation in just two steps

Drippers for potted plants, multi-jet shrubblers for tubs, drip pipes for raised beds and greenhouses: Depending on the area of use, we have selected the optimal micro-irrigation components and put them together in Plug&Rain®mikro sets. Whether [POT], [KASTN] (box) or [HOCHBEET] (raised bed) - just browse through our manual and in the initial step decide which sets are best suited for your plants.

Water tap, garden hose or the valve of an existing underground irrigation system: In this step you determine how the water connection is to be set up and how the micro-irrigation is to be controlled. Everything has been thought of: In addition to the main line, sufficient elbows & T-pieces are included so that you can individually adapt the pipe routing to your local situation. Regardless of the water connection, our sets ensure that the operating pressure is reduced to the optimum level. With our measuring device you can check the water pressure of your water supply and determine the amount of water available. In order for the system to work well, only so much drip pipe or micro-sprinklers should be connected that the pressure of the water supply never falls below 1.8 bar in the PE pipes during operation.

Combine individual components as required

With a micro-irrigation system, all the required components can be selected and combined according to our modular principle. As a basic design idea for the micro-irrigation concept, we use a ½ inch PE pipe as a supply line. ½ inch PE pipes deliver approx. 600 litres of water per hour. We use 3/4 inch PE pipes to deliver max. 1.8m³/h. Several PE pipes can be branched off from the main line as a supply line. From this supply line, we use branches (incl. spikes) to reduce to a micro-tube. The drippers and sprayers are connected to this tube. The micro-irrigation products of different manufacturers are compatible. For example, the micro-sprayers from Gardena fit onto a dripper tube from DVS Beregnung.

What are the applications of micro-irrigation?

Micro-irrigation can be used for beds, hedges or potted plants, such as those often used in urban gardening or urban farming. Micro-irrigation is an effective and versatile method of watering your plants as and when they need it.

Advantages of micro-irrigation

  • large area water distribution
  • uniform soaking of the root ball
  • water-saving irrigation at the root
  • Drip irrigation for small to medium-sized plants

Drippers, drip or sweat pipes ensure a targeted and carefully measured release of water to individual plants at the root. Especially freshly planted seedlings and plants with high water needs benefit from this system. This type of irrigation is ideal for small to medium-sized pots and flower boxes on balconies and terraces, as well as for supplying water to individual small to medium-sized plants in the garden, in raised beds or in greenhouses.

Spray irrigation for smaller areas

Sprayers and micro-sprinklers with a throw radius of up to six metres atomise and spray water evenly and blossom-friendly onto smaller and larger areas. The advantage of watering with sprayers and micro-sprinklers is the large-area water distribution and soaking of the planted pots and areas.

Misting nozzles for special plants

Misting nozzles are mainly suitable for plantings such as moss, orchids or bonsai. They gently supply the plants with fine mist droplets so that sensitive substrates are not washed away.

Micro-irrigation at DVS Beregnung

Our micro-irrigation products include water sets, planting systems, garden stakes, drippers, pipes and fittings for all types of plants. We also offer fast delivery times and hold items on all aspects of micro-irrigation. Micro-tubes connect to micro- fittings and can be adjusted in length depending on the location of the plants. Micro-sprinklers can be used to create areas that need more, i.e. more exensive irrigation. Nozzles and automatic valves are also on offer, specially designed for water-saving irrigation of your balcony, raised bed or garden.

Micro-irrigation as part of underground irrigation - branch with clamp saddles and pressure fittings

We also offer micro-spikes that reach up to 360 degrees and mini-sprinklers with adjustable nozzles that can be set in hard-to-reach places.
Micro-irrigation is also ideal for greenhouses as it is so flexible that the water reaches all plants regardless of their height.
Micro-tubes are available in different diameters and lengths and have internal threads for easy attachment to water taps, pipes or other couplings.

Micro-irrigation and drip pipe compared to traditional irrigation systems

Micro-irrigation delivers better performance and flexibility compared to traditional irrigation methods such as drip systems or spikes. Our micro-irrigation products are designed to offer the highest level of efficiency while still being cost effective. Our range of micro-irrigation products is guaranteed to offer you the perfect solution for watering your balcony, raised bed or garden.

When does micro-irrigation not make sense?

Micro-irrigation is not suitable for larger lawns with a width of more than 4 m, because spikes or micro-tube would have to be placed in the middle of the lawn. In this case, underground irrigation with pop-up sprinklers or the installation of an underground irrigation with drip pipe is suitable. Whenever spray radii of more than 4 metres are required, rotor sprinklers or the Hunter MP Rotator, for example, should be used. The advantage of these systems is that a spray radius of up to 10 metres can be achieved with one sprinkler.

DVS Beregnung - components for your irrigation system

DVS Beregnung offers you everything you need for irrigation. With our free planning software, you can plan the irrigation for your lawn, hedges and beds in just a few steps. The software allows you to position sprinklers, plan PE pipe routing and integrate pumps for irrigation. Drip pipes are automatically suggested for watering beds. At the end of the planning process you will receive a parts list with all the parts needed for the installation of your irrigation system.

For more information about planning and setting up your micro irrigation system, please contact us by e-mail!