Solenoid Valves for Battery Operated Irrigation Controllers

Control solenoid valves for garden irrigation systems with battery control.

A solenoid valve for battery control systems is available in the 9V control solenoid coil version. In contrast to valves that are operated by an irrigation controller with an external power supply of 220 volts, an irrigation system with battery control requires valves that can be switched by means of the controller's internal 9 volt battery. A battery control is always used when no 220 volt connection is available. In this case, the solenoid valves are then controlled by short current pulses and thus switch the irrigation in the garden on and off in an extremely energy-saving manner.

Garden watering with battery control: water plants in the garden with controllers from Hunter and Rain Bird.

The Hunter Node 100 station controller is one of the most popular battery-powered controllers. It features easy programming, multiple operating functions, and is suitable for running a sprinkler, drip tube, or microirrigation irrigation system. The operation and programming of the controller is very simple. With digitalization and app programming, models equipped with a Bluetooth option are also available for the Hunter Node. With this irrigation technology, it is possible to conveniently program the irrigation system from a smartphone.

Irrigation technology in the garden: minimum pressure and programming for irrigation without electricit

Even if solenoid valve coils for watering the garden do not require power supply - water pressure must be present for the irrigation system. When installing a garden irrigation system, it is important to note that although the controller does not require 220V, the solenoid valves do require a minimum pressure to reliably close and open when the irrigation phase starts. If tap water from the faucet is used for watering the garden, then this is usually not a problem. There is sufficient water pressure available to the system anyway due to the tap pressure. Plant watering tends to reach its limits when watering is to be done from IBC tanks, for example. The water pressure should be at least 1.5 bar. Anything below that is rather problematic.

Irrigation in the garden with the system X-Core Hybrid and Hunter Node with solar panel: advantage green!

In the battery control category, there are also rechargeable systems to choose from. With X-Core and Node, energy can be generated by a solar panel to provide additional power when needed. This ensures watering in the garden without having to change the battery. The size of the solar panel, the manufacturer Hunter has dimensioned so that the battery is sufficiently charged. Thus, even with very large areas and an installation of very many valves, there is always enough power for irrigation. Unlike 220V controllers, sensor options are limited on battery items. This may allow you to be less responsive to soil type (clay soils/sand soils) and less responsive to evapotranspiration (air temperature/wind/weather data) for watering lawns.

Conclusion Irrigation with battery control: plants and lawns in gardens without electricity

If you're looking for an efficient way to power your irrigation system with a battery-powered controller, Hunter's or Rain Bird's solenoid valves with actuating solenoids are the perfect choice. They offer high-quality flow control, reliable performance and require no external power connections - ideal for decentralized or mobile applications. With the optional convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, they offer customers a great solution for their irrigation Needs.

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