Ottima 180° adjustable 5 jet sprayer 4.5 mm Barb
Ottima 180° adjustable 5 jet sprayer 4.5 mm Barb

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Ottima 180° 5-stream dripper

Adjustable 5-jet sprayer.  4.5 mm Barb.

-Snap head adjustment allows simultaneous adjustment of flow rate and throw diameter.
-Easily adjust flow rate from 0 to 60l/h. Water delivery can be increased, decreased or interrupted.
-Application range: plants in large or small pots, but also trees and shrubs in garden areas.

Ottima 180° 5-jet sprayer for your micro-irrigation system

End of line shrubblers can be installed directly on the micro hose e.g. at the end of a row of inline shrubblers in the bed or individually in a pot or hanging basket. Use the branch without tools to install a branch from the main supply line (16mm). Then attach a maximum 4 meter piece of micro tubing. The Stream Dripper has a 4mm barb that can be pressed into the micro tubing by hand.

Shrubbler: Advantage over single drippers and sprayers

The Ottima 180 creates a larger humidification area with a diameter of up to 20 - 30 cm and locally delivers a higher amount of water than micro-drippers. Nevertheless, the multi-jet concept achieves an even distribution of water. As a result, the shrubbler irrigates plants closer to the root zone than micro-sprayers and sprinklers, which have a significantly higher throwing distance. This makes the Teco Ottima the perfect solution for precise watering and more diverse irrigation needs.


  • Rotation of the Ottima™ cap 180° allows simultaneous adjustment of flow rate and diameter of the stream. Easily increase or decrease the size of the stream pattern.
  • Provides better control of flow rate and throw diameter compared to fixed flow emitters.
  • Quick on and off switching.
  • Four socket options available: 4.5 mm barb, 10-32 UNF male, 1/2" NPT female and spike.


  • For watering plants in small or large pots, planter boxes, and shrubs and trees in garden beds and landscape areas.

TECO Microirrigation Products - Ottima 180°

TECO Microirrigation company manufactures very high quality and easy to install micro irrigation systems. All drippers and sprinklers are equipped with 4-mm connectors and can be plugged into the micro hose. Adjustable models have an adjustable cap, this can be turned by hand. This allows you to individually control the diameter of the irrigation as well as the flow of each delivery point. This allows you to easily adjust the amount of water to the needs of each plant. In pressure compensating models, a water delivery amount is fixed, so the same amount of water is always delivered regardless of the input pressure (within certain limits). The advantage here is that even with pressure fluctuations and larger systems, a predictable amount of water is delivered by the individual microirrigation elements.

UV protection and robust construction

Made of weather-resistant, high-quality polypropylene with UV additives that protect against solar radiation, the drippers and sprayers are protected against high temperatures and direct sun. Experience from agricultural applications has been incorporated into the development. The high-quality products are manufactured in such a way that a long service life is possible.

Optimum performance with the right pressure

Adjustable Stream Drippers work most efficiently at a water pressure of 1.5 to 3.0 bar - We recommend the use of a pressure reducer - at the faucet or directly in the bed for larger installations , to regulate the pressure for micro irrigation to the optimal level of 1.8 bar.

Compatibility with Gardena

The connectors and the 1/2" PE pipe from DVS Beregnung (16mm AD/13mm ID) is compatible with the Gardena Micro-Drip installation pipe 13 mm. Our micro irrigation pipe (6-7mm AD / 4mm ID) is compatible with the Gardena Micro-Drip system and its drippers / Sprayers.

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