Vent valve 3/4" AG, 3/4" IG outlet
Vent valve 3/4" AG, 3/4" IG outlet

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Vent valve 3/4" male x 3/4" female outlet - Irritec

When operating an irrigation system, a negative pressure is created as soon as the water supply is stopped. This can cause unwanted particles such as soil or sand grains to be sucked back into the irrigation system with the water. This can lead to blockages, especially when using underground mounted drip tubing. Especially with the small openings and labyrinth passages of the drip tubing, this can lead to limited function.

This vent valve provides a remedy. When the irrigation system is in operation, the valve is closed by the water pressure. However, as soon as operation ends, the valve opens and allows the system to immediately draw air, preventing particles from being sucked into the irrigation system's small consumers.

Equipped with 3/4" threads, once as external thread, it offers good connection possibilities. The connection must be made upright and with the green side up to ensure proper operation.


-Width: 200 mm
-Height: 80 mm
-depth: 80 mm
-Weight: 320 g


-max. pressure: 10 bar
-connections: 1 x 3/4" female thread; 1 x 3/4" male thread

Venting valve SSE with IG outlet (PN 10) Irritec

The air release valve with IT outlet enables automatic release of air from the irrigation system. The valve is installed at the highest point in the piping system. The mounting direction is upright.

While the system is being filled, the air that is in the line automatically escapes through the air vent valve. A ball located in the deaerator is pressed upwards against a seal as soon as the water flowing in reaches the ball. This prevents water from leaking out of the valve once the line is vented. If irrigation is stopped or the pipe system is drained via gravity drainage, a vacuum is created in the pipe system. The falling pressure causes the ball to fall back. The entering air balances the negative pressure and prevents siphon effects due to negative pressure. The female threaded opening of the valve is angled and equipped with a barrier against foreign bodies.

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