Rainbird 3504-PC gear sprinkler (40-360°), nozzle 2.0. 3504-PC

Rainbird 3504-PC gear sprinkler (40-360°), nozzle 2.0. 3504-PC

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Rainbird 3504-PC Gear Sprinkler. Reversible sprinkler (40-360°), one model for full and part circle. Nozzle size 2.0 pre-assembled. Supplied with 20 nozzle sets. 1/2" IT

The Rain Bird 3500 Series Sprinkler is an easy-to-use 1/2" gear sprinkler for low to medium throw applications. The protected enclosed housing design makes these sprinklers ideal for creeping grasses, sandy soil and other harsh environments. The many protections and trouble-free features built into our closed-case rotor sprinklers make them the perfect choice for any garden design.

The sector is adjustable from 40-360 degrees on the top of the gear sprinkler using the adjustment tool, or screwdriver.
The throw distance can also be adjusted from 6-10 m. By means of the throwing range adjustment screw, it is possible to reduce the throwing range by up to 35 percent without changing the nozzle.
The UV-resistant material ensures excellent durability and a long service life.

The 3504-PC's water-lubricated gearbox ensures long-lasting, smooth and reliable operation.
The self-regulating stator does not need to be replaced when changing nozzles.
To protect the internal technology from dirt and other particles, there is an easily removable filter screen at the base of the geared sprinkler, which also contributes to a long service life.

As standard, the 3504-PC gear sprinklers have the arc setting preset to 180° at the factory to facilitate installation.


  • High housing: 16.8 cm
  • Height of riser: 10.2 cm
  • Surface diameter: 2.9 cm

Technical data

  • Sprinkler range: 360° or 40 - 360
  • throw range: 4.6 - 10.7 m
  • Precipitation rate: 0.9 - 18 mm/h
  • Operating pressure: 1.7 - 3.8 bar
  • flow rate: 0.12 - 1.04 m³/h
  • Connection: 1/2 inch IT

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  • Item weight: 0,15 kg

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