MP Rotator Strip FT, MP-LS, Left, 1.5 x 4.6 m. Ivory. Hunter MP-LS
HUNTER "MP Rotator", MPLCS515 left strip. 5/8"-28 FT. Spraying pattern rectangular, 1.5 x 4.6 m. Ivory.

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HUNTER MP Rotator MPLCS515 (MP-LS) Strip Rotator Nozzle Left

The multi-jet rotator nozzle from Hunter for strips up to 1.5m x 4.6m

Equipped with this nozzle, your Plug&Rain MP rotator assembly kit or spray nozzle housing becomes a rotary jet sprinkler. And this brings several advantages with it:

  • For the same range of throw, the MP-Rotator uses about three times less water than a standard spray nozzle.
  • With less precipitation, infiltration of precipitation is ensured even in heavier soils, and surface runoff is prevented.
  • The dimensioning of the tubing can be selected smaller and a larger area per irrigation circuit can be irrigated.

Regardless of the selected sector setting and the set throw distance, the amount of precipitation remains practically identical and is around 10 mm of precipitation per hour for all standard models (MP1000, MP2000, MP3000, MP3500).

  • This allows the use of different standard rotators with different sectors and throwing distances in one irrigation circuit.
  • The creation of an irrigation concept with a uniform precipitation rate is greatly simplified.

Instead of producing fine droplets, the MP Rotator irrigates with rotating jets

  • This prevents water losses due to the formation of spray mist
  • Drifts of the irrigation water in windy conditions are greatly reduced
  • Es werden Wurfweiten von bis zu 10,5 Metern erreicht, was die Anzahl der benötigten Regner bei größeren Rasenflächen wesentlich senkt.

For these reasons, we recommend the use of MP rotators for watering lawns.

Die Bewässerung einer Rasenfläche im Hausgarten ist mit MP-Rotatoren wesentlich einfacher als mit Getrieberegnern und führt in der Regel zu einem besseren Ergebnis, da hier auch bei Änderungen des Sektors oder der Wurfweite der Niederschlag des Regners gleich bleibt. Zusätzlich sind in Hausgärten in der Regel Wurfweiten von unter 6m notwendig, die mit Getrieberegnern nicht abbildbar sind.

Therefore, MP rotators are the first choice for watering your lawn!

To plan your irrigation project, we have developed an online tool, the DVS Irrigation Planner, where you can draw in your garden or upload plans. The coverage with MP rotators is automatically calculated and visualized here.
Manual adjustments are also possible afterwards.

We use the 2.1 bar enclosures when we want to achieve particularly short throw distances with the MP rotators.
The locations where the housings with brown cap (PRS30 housing) are used are marked in the planning (DVS Irrigation Planner) with a * symbol or with the addition PRS30.

The MP-Rotator strip nozzles are designed for a single overlapping layout. Each strip nozzle thus sprays to the next. Where possible, stripe nozzles should be diagonally opposite each other, i.e. alternating on both sides of the stripe.

Technical data:

  • Fine thread 5/8"-28 IG
  • Left corner strip
  • Spray pattern "rectangular", spraying from left corner to the front (1.5 m) and to the right (4.6 m)
  • Adjustment screw to reduce the range of throw by up to 25
  • For all housings with fine thread 5/8"-28 ET (Hunter, Rain-Bird, etc.)
  • Optimal function with the spray housing HUNTER series "PROS-PRS40"
  • Color code: Ivory

Hydraulische Eigenschaften:

  • Water consumption: approx. 0.1 m³/h (at 1.5 m x 4.6 m throwing distance)
  • Recommended operating pressure: 2.8 bar (280 kPa), maximum pressure: 4 bar

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