MP Rotator

Hunter's universal and water efficient nozzle for watering your lawn

There are a large number of different sprinklers and nozzles on the market. Basically, there are three types of pop-up sprinklers for watering lawns: rotor sprinklers, rotary nozzles (MP Rotator) and spray sprinklers. The MP Rotator is particularly suitable for all lawn irrigation projects due to its uniform precipitation. Depending on the model of the MP Rotator nozzle, spray distances of 1.5 m to 10.5 m can be achieved. This makes the MP Rotator ideal for watering all lawn areas in your garden.

Plan watering your lawns with the Hunter MP Rotator

At DVS Beregnung, we therefore also use the MP Rotator for lawn irrigation with our free planning software, the DVS Irrigation Planner. We recommend this sprinkler for all lawn irrigation projects in your garden. The precipitation simulation shows how to position the nozzles for the optimal irrigation of your garden. The DVS Irrigation Planner guides you step by step through the planning of your garden irrigation. You will then receive a material list from us with all the necessary components for installing your irrigation system. You can order these parts in our online shop and have them delivered directly to your home.

Hunter ECO Rotator
Hunter ECO Rotator

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MP-Rotator Nozzles
MP-Rotator Nozzles

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MP Rotator Pop-up Sprinkler
MP Rotator Pop-up Sprinkler

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Hunter MP Rotator - a rotary sprinkler with optimal water distribution

This enhanced nozzle offers efficiency, compatibility and simplicity in the planning and operation of your lawn irrigation. MP Rotators are multi-trajectory rotary nozzles and can be used for the complete irrigation of your garden - whether the lawn is small, large, narrow or irregular. The MP Rotator nozzles are mounted in the underground spray body. This means, the sprinklers remain invisible as long as they are not in operation. Only when water pressure is applied do the MP Rotator nozzles rise and remain above ground for optimal watering results.

MIX and MATCH - a brief overview of the Hunter MP Rotator models

Hunter MP Corner: 4 m radius, adjustable from 45-105°

Hunter MP1000-90: 4 m radius, sector adjustable from 90-210°
Hunter MP2000-90: 6 m radius, sector adjustable from 90-210°
Hunter MP3000-90: 9 m radius, sector adjustable from 90-210°
Hunter MP3500-90: 10.5 m radius, sector adjustable from 90-210°

Hunter MP1000-210: 4 m radius, adjustable sector from 210-270°
Hunter MP2000-210: 6 m radius, sector adjustable from 210-270°
Hunter MP3000-210: 9 m radius range, adjustable from 210-270°

Hunter MP1000-360: 4 m radius, fixed at 360°
Hunter MP2000-360: 6 m radius, fixed at 360°
Hunter MP3000-360: 9 m radius, fixed at 360°

Hunter MP-LCS: 1.5 m x 4.5 m sits in the left corner, sprays forward and to the right
Hunter MP-RCS: 1.5 m x 4.5 m sits in the right corner, sprays forward and to the left
Hunter MP-SS: sits in the center and sprays 1.5 m x 4.5 m to the front and to the right and left

Perfect precipitation for lawn irrigation - select and adjust MP Rotator nozzles

The name says it all: MP stands for "matched precipitation". All nozzles in the MP Rotator line achieve a precipitation of 10 liters/m² per hour when properly positioned. It does not matter whether the spray radius is 1.5 m or 10.5 m. All nozzles are individually adjustable both in their spray sector and in their radius. In the DVS Irrigation Planner you can position the nozzles on your lawn and see directly how even the precipitation distribution is. Rotator in the name MP Rotator stands for "rotary trajectory nozzle". Each trajectory of the MP Rotator has a slightly different angle of ascent and therefore also a different spray radius. As the head of the MP Rotator rotates through a gear driven by the water, the water trajectories are led over the set sector with different spray radii. This means that each jet of water sweeps over your lawn at a different height, ensuring an even, economical and precise distribution of water over the set radius of the sprinkler.

Hunter MP Rotator, the patented multi-stream system - wind-resistant and efficient

Compared to conventional spray nozzles, the MP Rotators are much less susceptible to wind. While spray nozzles have a fairly heterogeneous droplet size distribution, the MP Rotator has a uniform droplet size thanks to its individual trajectories. This means that if your irrigation is running on a windy day, with spray nozzles the fine droplets are immediately blown away as mist and no longer fall on the lawn area to be watered. With MP Rotators, the droplets are heavier and much less affected by the wind. Pro tip: Lawn irrigation should take place in the early hours of the morning, as there is significantly less wind influence at this time due to the lower thermic effect.

MP Rotator - precipitation rates for lawn irrigation

The lawn area to be irrigated is watered by the Hunter MP Rotator at a low precipitation rate of 10 mm - 10 liters/m² per hour. Regardless of the MP Rotator nozzle selected, this means that when placed head-to-head in a triangular or quadrilateral configuration, the sprinklers will achieve a consistent precipitation rate of approximately 10 mm per hour. The Hunter MP Rotator range includes nozzles of different spray distances and sectors. The nozzles are available in a radius range from 1.5 m to up to 10.5 m, and when the Rotators are installed correctly, a very good irrigation result can be achieved. Since the MP Rotator uses significantly less water compared to spray nozzles, the number of valve circuits as well as PE pipe and controller size can be reduced when planning your irrigation with MP Rotators. The reason for this is that the lower water consumption of each individual nozzle reduces the total water consumption of the entire sprinkler circuit. This means that more MP Rotators can be operated on one valve circuit. This ultimately leads to significant savings in material, complexity and installation time. We calculate with 24 mm Blu-Lock PE pipe as the main line for the sprinklers with a maximum water volume of 1.8 m³/h. At a precipitation rate of 10 l/m² per hour, this will allow you to water 180 m² of lawn with one valve circuit.

Hunter MP Rotator: mounting and adjusting the nozzle during operation

Hunter MP Rotator nozzles fit all Gardena, Rain Bird and Hunter pop-up spray bodies. This is because all spray nozzle manufacturers use the 3/8 inch fine thread as their thread dimension. The optimal operating pressure for the Hunter MP Rotator is 2.8 bar. This pressure will rotate the gear best and accurately achieve the spray distances specified by the manufacturer. If the MP Rotator is operated at a lower pressure - for example some use pressure regulated spray bodies at 2.1 bar - then the MP Rotator will rotate slower and the spray distances will be shorter. If an even lower operating pressure is applied, for example, if too many MP Rotators are connected to one irrigation circuit, then the pop-up sprinklers may not rise at all. If the operating pressures are too high, the mechanics of the sprinkler may be severely stressed, which will result in the life expectancy of the MP Rotator being greatly reduced.

For this reason, we at DVS Beregnung recommend using the Hunter MP Rotator in a pressure-regulated pop-up spray body (PRO-Spray PRS40 - 2.8 Bar). The ready-made Plug&Rain® assembly sets already include fittings and flexible pipe for easy and neat installation. With these spray bodies, the optimal operating pressure of 2.8 bar is set directly on the sprinkler.

On most Hunter MP Rotator models, both the spray distance and the sector can be adjusted directly on the sprinkler. Only Hunter's 360° models, MP800, MP1000, MP2000 and MP3000, are fixed at 360°. With these models, only the radius can be changed. Adjustment of part-circle nozzles should always be carried out with the sprinkler running. The radius of the MP Rotators is adjusted via the slotted screw on top of the spray head and can be reduced by 25 percent by turning the screw four full turns to the right. Four turns to the left will increase the radius of the MP Rotator again. The sector of the MP Rotator is changed by turning the silver knurled screw on the edge of the spray body. The left stop of the MP Rotator is adjusted by rotating the entire riser. In this video we show you step by step how to adjust the radius and the arc of the MP Rotator.

The two-step riser protects the MP Rotator from soil and grass clippings

The Hunter MP Rotator is equipped with a protective mechanism through the two-step riser. It ensures that the nozzle is protected from debris when not in use. The spring-loaded mechanism of the nozzle ensures that the nozzle initially remains in a protected position while rising. Only once full operating pressure has been reached does the rotary nozzle fully rise to the surface. As soon as the water pressure drops after the irrigation cycle is completed, the nozzle is retracted first before the entire riser disappears into the ground. This mechanism not only protects the nozzle from external debris, but also ensures the nozzle's long-term functioning.

Irrigate corners smaller than 90° with the MP Corner - no overlapping in the corner necessary

The MP Rotator Corner holds a special position in the Hunter MP Rotator range in several aspects. First, it is the only sprinkler that allows arcs of less than 90° and is individually adjustable from 45° to 105°. Another special feature is that the MP Corner does not need a counterpart in a sharp corner. The first 1.5 m of the nozzle have increased precipitation. One single Corner Rotator thus covers the precipitation rate by itself. The radius of the MP Corner is about 4.0 m and can be reduced by 25%. It can reach up to 4.5 m depending on the operating pressure and can be reduced by up to 25% if required.

MP Rotator strip nozzles - watering lawn strips from 1.5 m in width

Circular nozzles can be used all the more efficiently the greater the radius. The smaller the radius and the longer the strip, the more nozzles must be used to achieve even watering. In the case of very narrow lawns, this often means that more sprinklers must be used than on the entire rest of the lawn. Hunter developed the Strip MP Rotator series specifically for these narrow lawn areas. With the nozzles "Left Corner Strip", "Right Corner Strip" and "Side Strip", 3 nozzles with a 1.5 m x 4.5 m or 1.5 m x 9 m radius are available. By using these Strip Rotators, larger distances between the individual nozzles can be achieved (4.5 m). This means that even rectangular, narrow areas can be irrigated efficiently and with significantly fewer nozzles.

MP Rotator type MP800 / MP815 - 20 mm precipitation

The Hunter MP800 series as well as the MP815 nozzle has an adjusted precipitation rate of 20 mm/h, unlike all the other MP Rotator nozzles. This allows for irrigation of short radii of up to 4.5m. The MP800SR covers short distances of 1.8 m as a minimum. With the MP815 (90-210°, 210°-270° as well as 360°), the MP800 series can cover a radius of up to 4.5 m. Due to the higher precipitation rate, the MP800 and MP815 nozzles should be operated in a separate irrigation circuit and, if possible, not mixed with the other MP nozzles. In summary, the Hunter MP Rotator is a unique multi-trajectory rotating system that, through its multiple streams, optimally distributes water across the lawn, thus reducing the water consumption of your irrigation system.

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