MP Rotator Pop-up Sprinkler

Which pop-up sprinkler fits best with the MP Rotators?

In principle, the Hunter MP Rotator fits a wide variety of spray nozzle housings. This is because the manufacturers Hunter, Rain Bird and Gardena all use the same fine thread for nozzles. Optimal for the MP Rotator is the spray nozzle housing Pros-04-PRS40, because this sets the optimal operating pressure of 2.8 bar directly on the sprinkler, in addition to outlet stop. The housing is made of sturdy plastic, has a riser height of 100 mm, which is ideal for lawn irrigation and can be used with DVS Beregnung in the Plug&Rain® system.

MP Rotators and spray nozzle housings in the Plug&Rain system from DVS Beregnung.

The Hunter MP Rotator is recommended by DVS Beregnung for watering lawns. This nozzle has rotating water jets and is available in a variety of options. Each nozzle has a specific throw, sector and water consumption. The special feature of the MP Rotator is that the precipitation rate is always the same regardless of the nozzle model. So with this article, perfect planning and installation is implemented as easily as possible. In the software DVS Irrigtion Planner you can plan your project directly with this nozzle. The MP rotator with its fine thread (internal thread) is inserted on the external thread of the riser in a pop-up sprinkler body. The Plug&Rain® system includes all the parts needed to do this. The Hunter Pros-04-PRS40 nozzle body, the flexible sprinkler connector, and the connector for connecting to the PE pipe. The Hunter sprinkler connection kit is available as a single part or as a pack of 5. All parts are shipped ready to install on site and can be installed directly.

Hunter Pro-Spray Spray Nozzle Housing - with and without pressure regulation.

Get optimum performance from your sprinkler system with the combination of the Hunter MP Rotator and the Hunter Pros-04-PRS40 Spray Nozzle Housing. The optimum pressure of 2.8 bar for the rotator is set directly on the nozzle housing of the Pro-Spray PROS PRS40 models. For this purpose, a pressure regulator is installed in the riser of the Pro-Sprays PRS40. The CV models of the Pro-Spray nozzle housings also have an integrated outlet stop. This is located at the bottom of the riser. The pressure of 2.8 bar ensures that the MP Rotator reaches its throwing distance specified by the manufacturer. You also have the certainty that the optimal water pressure ensures the longest possible service life of the nozzle.  Housings with PROS-PRS30 are usually used for PRO nozzles, as they perform optimally at a water pressure of 2.1 bar. However, the MP rotator can also be operated with this nozzle housing if particularly short throw distances are to be achieved.  For projects that are under price pressure or in gardens where the water supply is so weak that water pressures in excess of 2.8 bar are not generated during operation, Hunter's ECO version, the Pros-04 non-pressure regulated models, can also be used.

Rising heights and applications for sprinkler housings

The Hunter MP Rotator and Hunter Pros-04-PRS40 Spray Nozzle Housing offer a reliable, efficient solution for your backyard lawn sprinkler system. However, manufacturers like Hunter and Rain Bird also offer various other models with different levels of riser. What are these nozzle housings used for? Nozzle housings with 5cm or 7.5 cm risers are used in irrigation systems with low substrate height. This allows the MP Rotator to be used in a rooftop irrigation project, for example. In flower beds, the PROS-00 is used as a standpipe sprinkler when the nozzle should be positioned above the plants rather than in the soil. If the housing is to be installed in the ground but the nozzle is to spray over taller plants, PROS-06 and PROS-12 are used with 15cm and 30cm risers respectively. This ensures that the spray nozzles will spray over the complete set sector and the water will not be blocked by leaves.

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