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For planning inquiries and advice we are at your disposal HERE

Effortlessly create a scale plan of your garden, lawn, balcony or patio: our drawing tool provides you with all the tools you need. The finished plan serves for the further conception of your system. Whether you want to plan your irrigation yourself or have DVS determine the irrigation positions - an exact and true-to-scale plan with inclusion of all obstacles such as paths or stairs is the first step towards an optimally proportioned irrigation system.

On the basis of this, you can either start with the assembly of the required components yourself and determine the arrangement of the irrigation elements, or you can fall back on our support here: With the help of your drawing, we determine the sprinkler positions free of charge. Simply send us the finished plan.

A sprinkler positioning system including a complete parts list and, if necessary, the arrangement of other irrigation elements is available on request from 75 Euro.

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