MP-Rotator Nozzles

Full-circle and part-circle rotary sprinklers for lawn irrigation with high uniformity and low water consumption.

Hunter MP Rotator is one of the most efficient and popular nozzles for lawn irrigation. The nozzle is unsurpassed in efficiency during design, installation and operation. DVS Beregnung fully recommends the Hunter MP Rotator for lawn irrigation applications. Use our chart to compare all models of the MP Rotator. In our free online planning software DVS Irrigation Planner you can plan your project yourself in just a few steps. At the end of the planning you will receive a parts list with all the necessary materials for the installation of your irrigation system.

Table of operating data for selecting the correct Hunter MP Rotator nozzle.

  • throw distance: 2.1 - 10.5 m
  • Sector / shape: 90-210°, 210°-270°, 360° fixed
  • Water consumption: depending on model
  • precipitation: 10 mm/h
  • optimal operating pressure: 2,8 bar

Table Nozzles MP Rotator

Flow, pressure and flow rate of the sprinklers

The MP rotator works best under the pressure conditions of 2.8 bar. Then it achieves the throwing distances specified in the manufacturer's table. This throwing distance can be reduced by 25%. The reduction also reduces flow velocity and flow rate, so that the precipitation rate on the now smaller area remains identical. If even smaller throw distances are to be achieved with the nozzle, MP Rotators can also be installed in PRS30 housings, which then provide a water pressure of 2.1 bar at the sprinkler.

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