MP Rotator 1000-210 FT, 210°-270°. R. 4 m. Light Blue. Hunter MP1000TQ
Multi-trajectory rotating nozzle HUNTER "MP Rotator", 5/8"-28 FT. Sector 210 - 270°. Radius 3 - 4 m. MP1000210. Light Blue.

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HUNTER MP Rotator MP-1000-210 (MP-1000 TQ)

The Hunter multi-trajectory rotating nozzle for 210° - 270° sectors and radiuses of 3 - 4 m

Fitted with this nozzle your Plug&Rain MP-Rotator assembly set or your spray body turns into a rotary stream sprinkler. This has several advantages:

With the same radius the MP-Rotator uses about three times less water than a standard nozzle.
- Due to the lower precipitation, the absorption of precipitation is guaranteed even in heavy soils and surface run-off is prevented.
- The dimensioning of the pipes can be smaller and larger area per irrigation circuit can be watered.

Regardless of sector and radius setting the precipitation level remains virtually identical and is around 10 mm per hour for all standard models (MP1000, MP2000, MP3000, MP3500).
- This allows the use of different standard rotators with different sectors and radiuses in one irrigation circuit.
- The design of an irrigation concept with an even precipitation rate is considerably simplified.

Rather than creating fine drops the MP-Rotator irrigates with rotating streams.
- Water loss through spray mist generation is thus prevented.
- The drift of irrigation water in windy conditions is considerably reduced.
- Radiuses of up to 10.5 metres are achieved, which significantly reduces the number of sprinklers required for larger lawns.

For these reasons we recommend the use of MP-Rotators for watering lawns.

Technical Data MP-1000-210:

- radius 4 m, reduceable to 3 m
- sector adjustable from 210° - 270°
- adjustment screw to reduce radius by up to 25 %
- compatible with all spray bodies with fine thread 5/8"-28 MT (Hunter, Rain-Bird, etc.)
- optimum functionality with the HUNTER PROS-PRS40 pop-up sprinkler body (built-in pressure reduction to 2.8 bar) as well as the Plug&Rain MP-Rotator assembly sets Expert and Premium

water usage: ca. 140 liter / 270° sector at 4 m radius
- colour code: light blue
- recommended operating pressure: 2.8 bar (280 kPa), maximum pressure: 4 bar

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