Truebner Aquaflex analog 0 - 10 V. Soil moisture sensor + temperature
Truebner Aquaflex analog 0 - 10 V. Soil moisture sensor + temperature

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Truebner Aquaflex (Analog 0 - 10 V Voltage Output) - Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor

The capacitive soil moisture sensor AquaFlex Sensor is used to measure the average soil moisture along a 3 m long special measuring cable.

In contrast to point measuring capacitive soil moisture sensors such as the SMT50 or the SMT100, the moisture is thus measured in a much larger measuring volume.

The AquaFlex sensor is therefore ideal for reliable soil moisture measurement and for easy installation in an existing lawn.

The special measuring cable has a robust polyethylene sheath and is very durable.

Specification of the Truebner Aquaflex capacitive soil moisture sensor:

Soil moisture and temperature sensor, measuring range 0-100% VWC, -40 to +60 degrees Celsius, analog interface 0-10V, supply voltage 12 - 28 VDC, 3 m measuring tape length, 10 m connection cable.

Accuracy humidity measurement Truebner Aquaflex (analog 0 - 10 V voltage output)

+/- 3% VWC in the measuring range of 0...50%
approx. +/- 5% in measuring range from 50...100%

Accuracy temperature measurement Truebner Aquaflex Analog 0 - 10 V voltage output

Typically +/- 0.4 degrees Celsius (analog version +/- 0.8 degrees Celsius)

Resolution Truebner Aquaflex Analog 0 - 10 V voltage output

Humidity measurement: 0.1%VW
Temperature measurement: 0.2 degrees Celsius

Interface version Truebner Aquaflex Analog

0 - 10V voltage output

Power supply Truebner Aquaflex Analog

12-28 V DC, max. 40 mA during measurement

Cable length Truebner Aquaflex Analog

Connection cable: 10 m TrueFlex, 4 wires, highly flexible
Measuring cable: 3 m special measuring cable, PE sheath, extremely robust

Power supply

Housing (without mounting straps): approx. 50 x 50 x 20 mm
Housing (with mounting straps): approx. 67 x 50 x 20 mm

Compatibility with Truebner Aquaflex data loggers

Data logger TrueLog100 from TRUEBNER or any other suitable data logger with analog input

Free PC logger software on request

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