Sports field irrigation

Automatic sprinkler systems for sports fields - planning & material for soccer field irrigation

Even sports fields are not spared from drought and hot spells in summer and can quickly lose their lush green. However, not only the appearance of sports fields suffers from this, but also the playability of the grass surface can be negatively affected by different weather conditions. To prevent this and to ensure optimal watering of sports fields, DVS Beregnung offers ready-to-use irrigation systems in sets including sprinklers, valves, PE pipes and controls for watering soccer, sports and tennis fields.
Sports field irrigation begins at the edge of the field with the connection to the existing water supply. Ideally, a connection to a well is available for irrigation on the sports field. Irrigation via other water connections is of course also possible. The water is transported to the individual sprinklers on the sports field via the main valve using a 63 mm ring or branch line.

Sports field irrigation - the fully automatic system for irrigation of sports fields

The company DVS Beregnung offers fully automatic irrigation of sports fields. High-quality golf pop-up sprinklers with integrated valves ensure the simplest possible installation with few pipes and save water through optimal uniform distribution of irrigation. With an optimized sprinkler system, you can water your soccer greens evenly while conserving resources. Positioning sprinklers at regular intervals along the edge of the field ensures optimal watering of the sports field.

DVS Beregnung supports your soccer field project: consulting, planning & installation

The installation of an irrigation system for a soccer field can be done by members of the club, for example. We give you professional advice and deliver all necessary information for planning and installation to your home. If you do not want to install the sports field irrigation system yourself, we will be happy to provide you with a selection of experienced service companies who can take on this task for you.
With an irrigation system from DVS Beregnung you get the best irrigation technology for private and public soccer fields - optimally and evenly irrigated for best playability even in particularly dry summers.

Modern control of sports field irrigation - locally or SMART via app.

DVS Beregnung offers different options for controlling sports field irrigation. The modern control of your sprinkler system ensures that rainy days can be determined by a sensor and the irrigation can be stopped. Accordingly, on days with little rain, irrigation is automatically adjusted to the prevailing regional climate and increased. If a local control is used, the irrigation settings are made directly at the sports field on site. If a SMART controller is used, the irrigation control settings can also be made remotely via Smartphone.