RD1804 SAM PRS 3,1bar, 10cm, outlet stop valve. RD 04 S P45 F

RD1804 SAM PRS 3.1bar Flow Shield - riser height: 10 cm (4"), with built-in discharge stop valve (SAM), 3.1 bar pressure regulation (PRS) and flow regulation function

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RD1804 SAM PRS 3.1bar Flow Shield - riser height: 10 cm (4"), with built-in discharge stop valve (SAM), 3.1 bar pressure regulation (PRS) and flow regulation function

Rugged construction for harsh applications
Every landscape has elements that will wear down your spray heads over time - from sand and gravel to high water pressure and harmful chemicals in the reclaimed water.

The RD1800™ was designed with these incredibly tough conditions in mind. An evolution of spray heads from Rain Bird - the industry leader in sprayers - the RD1800 is built with exclusive materials and features to withstand the challenges of any environment (see features below for more information on what sets the RD1800 apart).

The ultimate protection for the potable and industrial water markets.
The RD1800 Series is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, such as chemically treated recycled water (reclaimed/non-potable water), dirty water with sand, debris and other particles, and high operating pressures common in commercial irrigation systems.
Recycled water models provide additional protection against chlorine and chemicals found in recycled water, and feature a purple seal with the international "non-potable" symbol and warnings in English and Spanish
The patented, three-lip wiper provides an optimal balance of flushing, flow and debris protection to optimise performance and durability when extending and retracting. The precision-controlled flushing function during extension and retraction removes debris, ensuring a safe pull-in of the climber on all soil types.
Special dirt collectors retain sand and prevent it from flowing back into the housing to prevent long-term damage. Corrosion-resistant parts also suitable for use with treated chlorinated water.
SAM-PRS models: Includes all the features of the RD1800 SAM and PRS series. Meets the requirements of all applications, regardless of elevation and water pressure.
Flow-Shield™ models: Low-flow vertical water jet to show when a nozzle has been removed, even from a distance.
Domestic water models: clip-on lid alternative with purple moulded plastic lid. Easy to understand warnings in English "DO NOT DRINK", Spanish "NO BEBA" and international symbol for industrial water (not drinking water).
Five-year commercial guarantee

1800® SAM Series
Integrated Seal-A-Matic™ (SAM) Check Valve. Eliminates the need for check valves in the sprinkler body.
Ideal for use in areas with varying elevations.
Keeps water in the branch lines at elevation changes up to 14 feet (4.2 m), preventing drainage of low-lying sprinkler heads at the base of slopes or hillsides.

Reduces wear on system components by minimising water hammer during start-up.

1800® PRS Series
All Rain Bird pressure regulating sprinklers are ICC-ES WaterSense certified.
PATENTED PRS pressure regulator integrated into the riser. Pre-assembled unit ready for installation. Saves time and money.
Maintains constant outlet pressure at 2.1 bar (30 psi) or 3.1 bar (45 psi) at different inlet pressures, regardless of nozzles used,
2.1 bar is recommended for optimum performance of spray nozzles and 3.1 bar for optimum performance of rotary nozzles.

Series 1800 SAM-PRS-30 and SAM-PRS-45
Combines Seal-A-Matic check valve and PRS-30 or PRS-45 for best performance.
Ideal for applications on slopes with fluctuating or high pressure.


  • Total height: 15 cm
  • Height of riser: 10 cm
  • Surface diameter: 5 cm

Technical data

  • Throwing range: 0.8 -7.3 m
  • Operating pressure: 1.0 - 6.9 bar
  • Flow rate: 0.04 - 0.54 m³/h
  • Connection: 1/2 inch IT

  • Shipping weight: 0,12 kg
  • Item weight: 0,12 kg
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