Irritec Junior Drip Pipe 1/2" (16 mm ED), 33 cm Dripper Spacing, 2.1l/h, 50 m Roll
Irritec Junior drip pipe, external diameter 16 mm, 1.1 mm wall thickness, 2.1 l/h dripper capacity at 1 bar, 33 cm dripper spacing . 50 m roll.

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50 m simple quality drip tube Irritec Junior (50 m coil).

The Irritec Junior drip tube does not have pressure compensation, but nevertheless, the special design of the drip elements achieves a fairly uniform irrigation of the system even at different operating pressures. A labyrinth inside the drip elements prevents the formation of deposits by turbulent flow, and a filter fleece at the entrance of the drip significantly reduces the risk of clogging by larger particles.

Dimensions Irritec Junior Dripline:

  • Height: 630 mm
  • Width: 630 mm
  • Depth: 120 mm
  • Weight: 2440 g
  • Outer diameter 16 mm
  • Wall thickness: 1.1 mm
  • Length: 50 m

Specifications Irritec Junior Dripline:

  • Drop distance: 33 cm
  • Dropper capacity at 1 bar: 2.1 L/h per dripper (corresponds to 18.9 mm/h precipitation at a laying distance of 33 cm)
  • Dripper capacity at 1.5 bar: 2.6 L/h per dripper (corresponds to 23.4 mm/h precipitation at a laying distance of 33 cm)
  • Dripper capacity at 2 bar: 3.0 L/h per dripper (corresponds to 27 mm/h precipitation at a laying distance of 33 cm)
  • pressure range: 1 - 3 bar
  • recommended pre-filtration: min. 120 µm

The Irritec Junior drip tube is a classic, low-cost drip tube with small cylindrical drip elements integrated in the tube. It is a perennial drip tube with pressure-sensitive drip elements (variable flow depending on the working pressure) from the Italian irrigation manufacturer Irritec.

Due to the small size of the drip elements, the Irritec Junior drip tube is more economical than other drip tubes.  The compactness of the drippers results in a low pressure loss, the irrigation uniformity is limited by the lack of pressure compensation, therefore the drip tube is suitable for smaller lengths of drip tubing. Since the drip tube is not pressure compensating, it can also be used for applications with very low water pressure, e.g. from high tanks. The drip tube is suitable for use in fruit and vegetable cultivation, in beds, in the open as well as in greenhouses. The drip tube Junior is characterized by excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical stress. The manufacturer recommends filtration with >120Mesh.

The outlet holes of the drip allow quick and easy installation, without the need to check the position of the outlet, the emptying of the drip tubes at the end of the irrigation cycle is done by running empty.

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  • Item weight: 2,44 kg
  • Content: 50,00 m

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