Hunter Gear Drive Sprinkler

Hunter Gear Sprinklers - PGJ, PGP, I-20 and I-25 for Lawn Irrigation.

Hunter Industries is known for its high-quality irrigation systems. The gear sprinklers in particular are very popular because they provide very efficient irrigation for large lawns.

Use Hunter pop-up sprinklers in your yard: nozzles, risers, sector setting.

There are different nozzles for different throw distances, so everyone can adjust their Hunter sprinkler to best suit their needs. There are also different riser heights so that not only lawns can be watered efficiently, but also intervening ground covers, for example. And because the sprinkler is installed as a recessed sprinkler in the ground, it does not take up any garden space when no irrigation is running.

Standard riser height for lawn irrigation with gear sprinklers: 10 cm.

The standard riser height of the gear sprinkler risers for watering lawns is 10cm. For higher lawns or areas covered with ground covers, the I-20, PGP Ultra and PGJ models are also available with a 15 cm riser height. The irrigation of the green areas can be precisely adapted to the lawn area via the sector setting. By using the appropriate nozzle in each case, the throw distance of the pitch circle irrigation or the diameter of the irrigation can be determined.

For large lawns or fields, the I-20 and I-25 gear sprinklers are the best choice. They have a very large flow rate and can cover an area of up to 180 m2 with just one sprinkler. Hunter gear sprinklers are very efficient and easy to use. With just a few steps, you can adjust them to best suit your needs. Order your Hunter gear sprinkler now!

Hunter's gear sprinklers are among the best-selling sprinklers in the world and have been helping people keep their gardens and lawns healthy for many years. If you are looking for an irrigation system that can efficiently water a large area, a Hunter gear sprinkler is the perfect choice.

Hunter PGP Ultra - the standard - geared sprinkler for garden irrigation.

The PGP Ultra is a powerful, gear-driven rotor sprinkler with a suitable discharge height of 15 cm. It has a wide range of nozzles, so you can easily adjust the spacing and flow rate to suit your needs. The PGP Ultra is also available with a built-in check valve and filter screen, so you can be sure your irrigation system is always working properly.

Hunter I-20 pop-up sprinkler with very high quality for garden irrigation.

The I-20 is a heavy-duty, gear-driven rotor sprinkler with a 20-inch pop-up height. It is perfect for large lawns or fields and can water an area of up to 180 m2. The manufacturer Hunter also has in its range the gear-driven sprinkler I-20-SS, a pop-up sprinkler with a stainless steel riser. The technical data such as throwing distance, operating pressure and total height are identical to the sprinkler I-20, but the I-20-SS has a much more stable riser and is therefore suitable for use in difficult soils.

All in all, Hunter gear sprinklers are the best way to ensure your great lawn stays healthy and green all summer long! Order geared sprinklers from the manufacturers Hunter and Rain Bird online now at DVS Beregnung with short delivery time from stock in Tübingen.