Tapping clamps - sprinkler connection

Connecting sprinklers and drip pipes to PE pipes using PE tapping saddles

If you want to connect a sprinkler to a PE pipe, we recommend a flexible connection so that you can adjust the height of the sprinkler during installation but also years later.  A tapping saddle is a common way to branch a PE pipe or to connect a sprinkler to the PE tapping clamp. In the description, however, we also present what we consider to be more optimal solutions as an alternative to tapping saddles.

Drill PE pipe and create an outlet for sprinklers: Branching by PE tapping clamp

To flexibly connect a sprinkler to a PE pipe, you need a tapping clamp. Use this to attach the flexible sprinkler outlet to the thread of the clamp and open the pipe at the appropriate point using a drill or cutting tool. Then screw the tapping clamp tight and you can connect the sprinkler. Tapping clamps are available for PE pipes with a size of 25 mm, 32 mm and more. Which clamp you need depends on the type of sprinkler you want to install. Tapping clamps from Unidelta, for example, have an internal thread with a reinforced steel rim that is suitable for particularly tough conditions. The connector for the flex pipe is screwed into the female thread of the tapping clamp (color: black).

Steps for selecting and installing a tapping clamp on PE pipes

To ensure a safe and reliable installation, first choose the right tapping clamp based on the dimensions of the PE pipe. Depending on the size of your pipe (e.g. 3/4" or 1 inch), different tapping clamps are used. Next, you need to determine the dimension of the internal thread, here a thread opening of 1/2" is most common for small sprinklers and 3/4" for larger gear sprinklers in the garden. If the tapping clamp is reinforced with stainless steel material on the internal thread, the outlet pipe will have a better fit. You will achieve the best results when installing the tapping sleeve if you carefully follow all instructions and use appropriate tools when installing the tapping sleeve on the pipe system. It is important that the tapping sleeve is tightly screwed (usually 4 screws) to the PE pipe and that the O-ring seals are well seated. There should be no sand or dirt at the sealing points. When tapping the clamp, care should be taken to avoid chips falling through the internal thread into the PE pipe. If chips fell through the internal thread of the clamp during installation, we recommend flushing the pipes before installing sprinklers or drip pipe. If you have followed all the steps, you can be sure that your irrigation system will work properly.

Alternatives to the PE tapping clamp: clamp connector or Blu Lock

When it comes to price, the use of a tapping clamp is certainly a given. Tapping sleeves from various manufacturers such as Unidelta, Irritec, etc. are produced in large quantities and have a good price/performance ratio. However, when it comes to weighing up the advantages and disadvantages when selecting the installation technique, we usually recommend other designs. In contrast to PP tapping clamps, we can recommend the Blu-Lock system with 24 mm PE pipe as water pipe. The installation is much faster, safer and easier. The PE pipe is simply cut without tapping and a connector is inserted to the right and left of the pipe. If permanent pressure resistance, high working pressure and absolute quality are the specifications, then we recommend compression connectors. Unidelta products in particular are very well suited as installation material here. A T-piece in the pipe with clamp connection right and left, as well as an internal thread as sprinkler outlet are used here.

Order sprinkler connections online now from DVS Beregnung: Tapping clamp, clamp connector or Blu-Lock plug-in system.

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