Root Irrigation System Mini-RWS, H 45,7cm. RWS-M-BG

Mini-RWS with pre-assembled Rain Bird Bubbler 1401, device for locking and connection angle for ½" flexible branch hose

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Mini RWS with pre-assembled Rain Bird Bubbler 1401, locking device and connection bracket for ½" flexible branch hose

Rain Bird's Root Watering System (RWS) delivers water, oxygen and nutrients directly to the root systems of trees and shrubs, even in compacted soil.
The patented mesh basket allows underground installation to a depth of 91.4 cm for the RWS. The RWS is designed for use with water delivery components such as a bubbler head or dripper.
The RWS promotes tree and shrub investment protection, irrigation efficiency and landscape aesthetics through deep root growth and tree development.

Also compatible with Rainbird drip tube systems.


Underground aeration and irrigation effectively prevents transplant shock to trees and shrubs. 
This highly efficient tree irrigation solution provides up to 95% better distribution uniformity of water with minimal loss due to wind, evaporation or at edges.
With its unobtrusive design, the Underground Bubbler makes a lasting contribution to maintaining the natural appearance of a landscape.
In addition, the built-in locking device prevents vandalism when installed at ground level.

The 10.2 cm retaining cap and the vandal-proof locking device sit on a 91.4 cm long semi-rigid, perforated tube.
The already attached SwingJoint connection ensures very good flexibility during installation.

48% more deep root growth 3 months after planting, compared to surface irrigated trees. 1
18% more root mass 13 months after planting, compared to surface irrigated trees. 1
11% more surface growth 8 months after planting, compared to surface irrigated trees. 1

1 University of Arizona School of Plant Sciences study by Dr Ursula Schuch.


  • Height: 45.7 cm
  • Diameter: 10.2 cm
  • connection: 16 mm

Technical data

  • Flow rate: 0.056 m³/h
  • Operating pressure: 1.5 - 3.5 bar

  • Shipping weight: 0,45 kg
  • Item weight: 0,45 kg

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