Pro-Flex sprinkler connection system from Hunter Industries for flexible mounting.

The FlexSG Pro-Flex / Spx-Flex is a flexible sprinkler connection hose suitable for mounting all common irrigation systems. The PE soft connection hose is made of flexible yet robust plastic and is particularly durable. Its high resistance to kinking, which also allows tight radii, should be emphasized. The connection can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions. The flex pipe adapts to any situation and the sprinkler can be freely adjusted. The Pro-Flex / Spx-Flex sprinkler coupling allows flexible mounting of the sprinkler to the PE pipe of the irrigation line.

Hunter FlexSG connection hose - working pressure up to 5.5 bar.

The manufacturers Hunter, Rain Bird and DVS Beregnung offer flex pipes in high quality. Handling is very easy due to the connectors. The flex pipe is simply pushed onto the connectors with the part number HSBE 050 or HSBE 075. The barb connectors create a reliable flexible connection between the PE pipe and the sprinkler. The texture of the pipe allows good processing even under difficult conditions. Due to the high buckling strength, the connection can be well fixed in the trench and laid even in tight radii.

Category sprinkler connection FlexSG - connection hose for all diameters.

The installation on all PE pipe diameters is very simple. The connector HSBE 050 is screwed onto a clamp connector with 1/2" internal thread. The Hunter FlexSG connection hose is then attached to this connector. The HSBE 050 is also screwed onto the counterpart of the recessed sprinkler and the FlexSG is plugged in. The flexible connection is already established. The system is recommended for use behind solenoid valves with an operating pressure up to 5.5 bar.

Order Hunter FlexSG connection hose online at DVS Beregnung

Now on the pages of DVS Beregnung add suitable sprinklers, fittings, a roll of flex hose and other items to the shopping cart and order online. The article is available on a roll and is shipped in a package. Shipping is fast by DHL! FlexSG connection hose is an optimal flexible connection hose made of soft PE if you are looking for a suitable sprinkler connection for you!

Conclusion: Connection hose made of soft PE pipe - the ideal article for a reliable flexible connection between pipe and Sprinkler!