ESP-RZXe4 Control unit 230V with 4 stations for outdoor installation WLAN capable.

Control unit 230V with 4 stations for outdoor installation WLAN capable.

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ESP-RZXe4 Control unit 230V with 4 stations for outdoor mounting WLAN-capable

The ESP-RZXe controller enables planning by zone, which is easy to understand even for inexperienced users. Models for 4, 6 and 8 watering zones are available. The ESP-RZXe offers a wide range of scheduling functions and is ideal for a variety of applications including home and small garden irrigation systems.


The ESP-RZXe controller was designed with ease of use in mind. Irrigation scheduling by zone allows independent scheduling for each valve. There is no need for time-consuming user training in the programme structure. The large LCD display clearly shows the entire programming of each individual zone. The simple graphic user interface is easy to explain. One always has an overview of all the functions of the control unit.

Compatible with the LNK WLAN module

With Rain Bird's LNK-WLAN Module (sold separately), your watering schedules can be adjusted on a daily basis based on Internet-based weather data. This allows you to achieve water savings of up to 30%.


Simple user interface is easy to explain and displays all controller functions on a single screen
Only two mounting screws are required
Large LCD display with easy-to-navigate user interface
Frahling sensor input, deactivation via the programme
Main valve/pump start circuit
Non-volatile programme memory (100 years)
Programmable with battery power
Programming functions
Zone-based scheduling allows independent schedules assigned to each zone (run times, start times and watering days are customizable per zone)
Contractor Rapid Programming™ automatically copies start times and watering days from zone 1 to all other zones during initial start-up
6 independent start times per zone
4 possible watering intervals per zone: custom weekdays, odd calendar days, even calendar days, cyclic (every 1-14 days)
Manual watering of ALL or SINGLE zones as needed
Advanced functions
Electronic diagnostic controlled switch
Contractor Rapid Programming™ and "copy previous zone" for faster initial setup
Contractor Default™ - Save/Restore.
Frahling sensor bypass
Frahling sensor bypass by zone
LNK WLAN-enabled
Controller hardware
Plastic housing for wall mounting
4, 6 or 8 station units
2 AAA batteries to secure date and time setting (included in delivery)


  • Width: 20.1 cm
  • Height: 20.0 cm
  • Depth: 9.0 cm

Technical data

  • Station run times: 0 to 199 min.
  • Seasonal adjustment; -90% to +100%
  • Independent schedule per Zone
  • 6 start times per Zone
  • Programmable daily cycles: user-defined weekdays, odd and even calendar days and cyclic
  • Manual SINGLE Zone
  • Manual ALL zones
  • International models; 230 VAC ± 10 %, 50 Hz
  • Output power: 24 VAC, 650mA
  • Emergency power supply: 2 AAA batteries back up date and time setting and non-volatile memory backs up programming
  • CE certification

  • Shipping weight: 1,36 kg
  • Item weight: 1,36 kg

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