Pump Start Relay

Simultaneous pump start with the irrigation controller

To start your pump automatically when the irrigation controller activates a valve, you need a pump start relay. This allows you to start the pump directly from the irrigation controller. As soon as the controller starts an irrigation circuit, the pump start relay is also started. The pump starts simultaneously with the irrigation start and you can enjoy a reliable interaction of the technology. Pump Start Relays are compatible with most 24 VAC irrigation control systems, including Hunter, Rain Bird and Gardena.

Hunter PSR 53 Pump Start Relay - Essential to add a relay for direct control of the pump.

To install the pump start relay in your system, you must make sure it has both a 24-volt connection toward the control and a 230-volt connection toward the pump. The pump start relay housing contains a control unit that allows up to two dry changeover contacts. This allows the pump start relay to be easily connected to other equipment such as controllers and power lines for use in any irrigation system.

Pump start relay with two dry contacts and plastic housing with Nema 3R

Hunter's pump start relay provides reliability and convenience in the installation and start-up of your irrigation system. It is energy efficient and ensures that engineering safeguards are met (Nema 3R rating). The relay includes a lockable Nema rated enclosure. You can count on your Hunter pump start relay PSR to perform reliably for years to come.

Bottom line Hunter pump start relay: pump reliably activated every time

The pump start relay is compatible with most 24 VAC models of irrigation controllers. With standard 24 VAC controllers and the Pump Start Relay, you can control 230-V pumps via two dry changeover contacts. So the water only flows when the irrigation is running! You can also use the Hunter PSR 22 Pump Start Relay to control a booster pump, or to draw water from a pond or stream after surface water withdrawal has been approved.

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Hunter PSR 22 Pump Start Relay - Two terminal dry contact pump start relay with Nema 3R plastic housing for direct control of pumps in irrigation applications.