Tree Irrigation Plug&Rain®

Root Zone Watering System (RZWS) sets for automated tree irrigation Plug&Rain®

Root zone irrigation elements are the perfect solution for watering trees and large shrubs. This ensures healthy growth of freshly planted young trees, and throughout the tree's life protects it against damage from drought stress in hot summers .

A pressure-compensating bubbler releases a defined amount of water slowly and in a controlled manner into an underground irrigation cylinder. Inside this cylinder, the Stata-Root design, a special arrangement of baffles, ensures that water, oxygen and nutrients are optimally directed to the root zone. In addition, the the baffles give the irrigation cylinder additional stability, thereby increasing the durability of the part installed underground.

Our Plug&Rain® tree irrigation sets come pre-assembled and include all necessary parts for easy and quick connection to an underground irrigation system.

The perfect solution for efficient irrigation of trees and shrubs!