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Pipes are the backbone of the entire system in irrigation. The pipes carry the water from the water supply through the valves to the sprinklers and drippers. In principle, the choice is between PVC pipes or PE pipes. Pressure-resistant PVC pipes are made of inflexible polyvinyl chloride.  In Europe, these PVC pipes and PVC fittings are basically very rarely used for irrigation. PE pipes are usually used, these are flexible. Instead of glued joints, clamp connectors are used, which can be installed by hand without any additional tools and can also be disassembled. Glued PVC pipe, on the other hand, must be sawed to dismantle PVC elbows or other Fittings.

PE Tubing Gardenpipe PN4
PE Tubing Gardenpipe PN4

Gardenpipe PN4 Irritec

PE Tubing Gardenpipe PN6
PE Tubing Gardenpipe PN6

Gardenpipe PN6 Irritec

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Why PE pipe and not PVC pipe?

PVC pipes and PVC fittings are usually glued. Adhesive sleeves are put on the PVC U pipes after they are coated with PVC adhesive (e.g. Tangit) according to the description. The advantage of PVC pipes is their high stability and good workability during installation. Therefore, these pipes are also used in pool construction, in industry and in frost-free regions in irrigation technology. In Germany, PE pipes are almost finally processed for the installation of irrigation systems due to the better elasticity, the better price-performance ratio, but also due to the easier shipping as rolled goods. The shipment can be made here by DHL package. For PVC pipes, due to the length of bar stock is usually a forwarding shipment necessary.

Products and accessories for irrigation

HDPE pipe according to DVGW can be used for irrigation. This pipe with blue stripe is usually used as drinking water pipe. The cold water is used for irrigation the liquid temperature is not a problem, the pipes are used for a temperature range of 20 ° C. Pressure resistance decreases in applications with higher temperatures. The offer is often made of black PE pipe, the color makes the pipe resistant to sunlight.  In the area behind the valves, the pressure resistance of the pipes can be lower. Pipe designs with PN6 are usually used here. At an operating temperature of max. 20 °C, these are pressure-resistant up to 6 bar.

Applications for drinking water, well water and rainwater

Depending on the type of application and the size of the irrigation system, PE pipes of various dimensions are used. A smaller project in the home garden area can often be realized with PE material with diameters of 25mm (AD). Larger projects in home gardening are done with diameters of 32mm (AD). In sports field construction, diameters of 40 mm or 62 mm (AD) are often used dimensions. For PE pipe there is a choice of pipe lengths of 25m, 50m or 100m.

Aquaristic, pond and swimming pool construction: PVC-U pipes, PVC-U ball valve and PVC-U fittings

PVC-U pipes and the corresponding PVC fittings are usually used in pool construction and aquaristic installations. The items made of PVC-U have the advantage that they can be well used for compact installations with filter, pump, dosing and more. By bonding the PVC-U pressure pipes, installations with high operating pressure and also liquids with more corrosive media such as chlorinated water or salt water can be realized.

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