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Professional, fast and safe: The 24 mm push-lock system for the installation of your garden irrigation

The patented Blu-Lock push-fittings from Hydro-Rain are extremely popular with professional irrigation installers in the USA. For over 10 years DVS Beregnung has been offering this ingenious 24 mm (3/4") fitting technology also in Europe!
The innovative and safe Blu-Lock push-lock system for garden irrigation is a real alternative to the conventional pressure fitting. 24 mm PE pipe with PN6 is used for installing the supply line. 15 mm flexible connection pipe is used for mounting sprinklers and drip pipe.

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Product functionality, efficiency and advantages when installing pipes for irrigation

With Blu-Lock fittings, professional installation of garden irrigation is quick, easy and safe. Blu-Lock's push-lock fittings offer an innovative, fast and safe assembly system for installing pipes for garden irrigation. As the name suggests, the pipe is pushed into the fitting, the integrated gasket seals instantly and the metal teeth hold the pipe in place. During operation, the water pressure presses the pipe against the fitting, so that additional sealing is achieved here. The Blu-Lock fittings are of the highest quality and have been specially developed for use in garden irrigation. They guarantee a long service life and work absolutely reliably, even under the most difficult conditions.

Lawn irrigation - Quick and safe assembly when connecting with pop-up sprinklers

For a flexible sprinkler fitting, a 1/2" or 3/4" Blu-Lock elbow is screwed into the sprinkler. The threads are compatible with sprinklers from Hunter, Rain Bird, Gardena and Toro. The 15 mm flex connection pipe plugs into the push-fitting - an incredibly quick way of installing an irrigation. It is also ideal for the MP Rotator in the Pros-04-PRS40 and PSU pop-up sprinklers or for rotor sprinklers.
Flexible sprinkler fittings make it possible to adjust the level of the sprinkler to ground level even after many years. Under the item numbers ZS-MP, ZS-GR and ZS-SR, you will find pre-assembled Plug&Rain® units for MP Rotator, rotor sprinkler and spray nozzle. " All included" is the principle of Plug&Rain®. True to the motto "Fewer individual parts, fewer stumbling blocks", we make the installation of your garden irrigation simple and straightforward. You'll be thrilled with the result!

Irrigation systems for beds, plants and trees - even plant irrigation with drip pipes

To water plants in beds evenly, we recommend the use of drip pipes. Drip pipe is laid on the ground of the areas to be watered. Laying it on the surface of the soil allows the user to control its function. Automatic watering saves you from watering by hand. To connect drip pipe to the irrigation system, the 24 mm PE pipe is reduced to the 15 mm flexible pipe and connected with a pressure regulator. With the push-lock system, the fittings are simply pushed onto the Blu-Lock pipe . This pipe system is suitable for all connections made following the solenoid valve, which are not under permanent pressure. Between the water tap and the valve box, we recommend PE pipe PN16 and pressure fittings, as the water is permanently under pressure in this area.

Blu-Lock fitting system: Using the system for installation

Blu-Lock fittings come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any irrigation system. You can choose from a variety of straight couplings, Blu-Lock elbows or Blu-Lock fittings. The push-lock fittings are easy to install, with no tools required. You also do not require any glue or sealant, as the fittings already create a watertight connection by being pushed in. This makes the installation of your underground irrigation quick and simple!

Compatibility of Blu-Lock with 25 mm pressure fittings and Gardena

Blu-Lock fittings are not only quick and easy to use, they are also environmentally friendly and contain no harmful chemicals that could be released into the environment during use. What's more, all products come with a free guarantee, so you can be sure you're using the highest quality products.

Summary Blu-Lock - Everything for your irrigation installation

With Blu-Lock fittings, you can rest assured that your garden irrigation system will be installed properly and quickly. As one of the leading manufacturers in the irrigation industry, Blu-Lock offers an excellent product portfolio and reliable tools to ensure a successful installation. With their innovative push-lock system, you can rely on a quick, safe and efficient installation of your irrigation system. All without tools.

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The system is optimally suited for horticulture, quick assembly and simple piping. Ready-made assembly units and Blu-Lock sprinkler connection sets are also available in our Plug&Rain® series. With the quality levels ECO, EXPERT and PREMIUM you will find the right components for your budget. All prices incl. VAT. Find the article number, add it to your shopping basket and order online on our website.
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