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Urban Gardening & Urban Farming

Social trends for a

The concrete desert is a thing of the past. In the meantime, in all kinds of possible and impossible ways, plants which flower, taste good and are good for your health are also being grown in urban areas. . Urban gardening and urban farming could almost be understood as social trends.
As there are usually no large open spaces available, but raised beds or planters of all kinds are used, the topic of evaporation and soil hardening plays a major role, especially in hot summers and dry periods. If you don?t want to water your plants by hand several times a day, you can also fall back on irrigation systems to ensure optimum plant care.

Micro Irrigation Components for Urban Gardening and Urban Farming

Elements from micro irrigation technology are ideal here: From drip piping to microsprays, there are various irrigation variants to choose from. Whether low-tech and near-natural with Blumat clay cone, automatic or a smart high-tech system that can be controlled from a smart phone, tablet or PC: with us you will find the right watering system for your city garden.

HERE you can find products for micro irrigation.