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Systems for everyday & holidays

Go for a relaxed holiday knowing that the green loved ones are well cared for in their home. Holiday and everyday irrigation systems for balcony and terrace plants makes it possible.

The following irrigation solutions can be used both during the holiday season and throughout the year to irrigate pot and tub plants on balconies and terraces. Even without an external water connection, it?s not a problem; in this case water tanks can be used.

  • Elements from micro-irrigation technology supply each plant individually, adjustable via drip and sprayer with the required amount of water.
  • With Drip-Blumat the clay cone serves as irrigation control, water delivery module and soil moisture sensor all at the same time. And all this naturally and without the use of technology.
  • Our Balcony watering sets are ready for you - for an easy purchase and quick installation.

DVS Test-Set