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Planning & Arrange planning

Plan and install your irrigation system yourself

Not so difficult: With the right preparation you can easily plan and install your own irrigation system on your own. This offers the advantage that the system is realised absolutely according to your needs, you become the expert of your own system and later have it fully under control.

  • With our unserem drawing tool create a ma to-scale plan of your garden, lawn or open space quickly and professionally
  • Our Planning manuals provide valuable information on construction and installation - from professionals for future irrigation experts
  • A test set, which you can order in advance, helps you to familiarise yourself with components and helps you to learn the first installation steps
Test sets & systems from DVS-Beregnung for easy planningWith our test sets familiarize yourself with the most important parts of an irrigation system before installation. They can be installed and reused later during the installation of the system.

Quick planning and installation with Plug&Rain®

As simple as it sounds: Our newly developed assembly system Plug&Rain® simplifies not only Composition and structure of an automatic irrigation system, but also the planning and measuring of your irrigation system.
Finished sets from the water source to the sprinkler package only need to be adapted to your requirements in terms of quantity. We do the rest for you.

You want to receive a plan and install yourself

A good planning in advance is essential for the smooth functionality of your irrigation system at later stages - especially for more demanding or larger projects. We are happy to do this for you.

  • Free Planning the sprinkler positions for lawns and flower beds

If you send us a true-to-scale garden plan with obstacles such as paths, walls and stairs, we will position the sprinklers for you free of charge and provide you with a rough estimate of the system price.

  • Paid planning for a very easy installation, from 75 Euro:
    Irrigation plan with positioned sprinklers
    for your garden, component list of all required parts, which hydraulic calculation and definition of pipe routing.

  • On order you will receive detailed installation instructions, with which you can install your irrigation system yourself, easily and safely.

It is very important that correct determination of the available water pressure is made before the final planning is carried out, as the number of sprinklers depends on this.
For this purpose we offer measuring instruments for rental.

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