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Fittings & Water Fittings

Here can be found the components for connecting the PE pipes from an irrigation system to the water source. The pipe between the fitting and valve distribution is permanently under pressure. For this reason, the compressive strength of the PE pipe should be matched to the line pressure of the water supply.
The pressure resistance class PN 6 is the absolute minimum, and can only be used if it is ensured that the pressure is always lower than 6 bar. If higher pressures occur in your system, it is necessary to switch to a more pressure-resistant PE pipe, e.g. PN 10, PN 12.5 or PN 16.
It is possible to determine the present water pressure with the help of our measuring device which can be ordered HERE.

The following components of an irrigation system should be considered in this area:

  • The actual fitting from the source to the valve distribution. This should absolutely needs to be pressure-resistant.
  • System separators: It must be ensured that the water used for garden irrigation cannot flow back into the drinking water. A system separator according to DIN 1717 is used for this purpose.
  • Water sockets regulate further manual water withdrawal in the garden and should be taken into account at central points during planning.
  • Water meters measure the water consumption and allow conclusions to be drawn about possible leaks in the pipe system.