Pre-assembled Valve Boxes

Pre-assembled Valve Boxes

Complete, safe and ready for installation

Besides the Irrigation control the valve box is the flagship of your irrigation system. This is where all the important water pipes meet. The pressure line goes from the water supply to the valve box. The distributor is then mounted in the valve box itself. From this distributor outlets go to the solenoid valves.

The pre-assembled valve boxes facilitate the installation of an irrigation system, as all components are already installed and you only need to connect the PE pipes.
The corresponding number of solenoid valves must be connected to the control unit depending on the version. Drain valves for wintering and maintenance are integrated so that you can easily drain the water at the valve box in autumn.
Valve boxes are installed flush with the ground. The valve box can be opened at any time via the inspection cover. We offer the most comprehensive range of pre-assembled valve boxes, which guarantee you optimum water distribution for your automatic irrigation. Naturally, in the curated Plug&Rain® version as three carefully curated variants.

Your advantages with a pre-assembled valve box

  • Fast on-site installation
  • Thoughtful and sophisticated construction
  • Optimal water distribution for your automatic irrigation