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Cables & Electrical Connections

Multi-core cables are used for the connection of the solenoid valves.

A 24 Volt alternating current connection cable is used to ground each solenoid valve. The other cable is used as control cable for the respective solenoid valve.
This means, for example, that a 5-core cable is required for the connection of 4 solenoid valves. The cables should be UV-stable and suitable for earth installation. Depending on the thickness of the copper line, distances of more than one hundred meters between the controller and the solenoid valve distribution can be bridged.
It is important to use waterproof connectors for the electrical connections in order to avoid corrosion and moisture penetration at the joints.

Expert tip

Particularly in valve boxes, formation of condensation occurs in summer during irrigation. For this reason, it is very important that the electrical connections are completely watertight in order to have reliably conductive connections. Use our watertight connection sleeves for the installation of low-voltage power lines in the garden.

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