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System Isolators

If underground irrigation is to be operated with drinking water, drinking water protection must be observed, in accordance with DIN EN 1717. For this purpose, it is required to provide the drinking water pipe with a system isolator so that water from the garden area cannot reach the drinking water network.
The safest way to ensure this is a system isolator with free outlet, buffer vessel and pump, comparable to a mini cistern with drinking water replenishment.
The drinking water flows from a free outlet into a tank - there is a pump that pumps the water into the irrigation system. This ensures that water from the garden irrigation system can never flow back into the drinking water network.

Depending on the situation on site, a BA type system isolator or a return flow prevention system may be sufficient to protect drinking water. These mechanical return flow inhibitors ensure that no water can flow in the wrong direction.

In particular in private, not publicly accessible situations, it can be checked whether a type BA system isolator is sufficient for drinking water protection.

Our tip

Consult your local water supplier or sanitary service on this issue. The local regulations must be taken into account when making this decision.

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