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Mounting Sprinklers with Blu-Lock

With Blu-Lock, a flexible sprinkler connection can be realised quickly and permanently. In general, underground pop-up sprinklers should be flexibly connected to the irrigation line. This ensures that the connection cannot be damaged even under pressure from above. The height or arrangement of a sprinkler can also easily be readjusted after years - which can be necessary if the substrate height of the lawn decreases over years.
Our Blu-Lock system with its 15 mm flexible pipe is ideally suited for the flexible installation of spray nozzle housings and gear sprinklers such as the MP rotator. Within the Blu-Lock plug-in system, the components can be simply plugged into each other.
Your advantages:
  • kink resistant
  • Socket system with simple and quick assembly
  • Tubing material for individual length calculation
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