Smart Garden Controller

Smart Garden Control

The Internet of Things for automatic garden irrigation

The Smart Home trend does not stop at the garden: Smart garden controls can be programmed and monitored via app on smartphones, tablets and computers. So you can access your irrigation system from anywhere in the world. In addition, the controllers can react to online weather data and adapt the irrigation system to the current weather conditions. So watering is fun and you always have control over your system. A smart garden controller can be easily integrated into an existing home automation system.

There are various controls available for you to choose from:

  • A smart controller from leading irrigation manufacturer Hunter offers perfect operability and high stability
  • Rain Bird controls can be integrated into the network via wifi and programmed conveniently

    The advantages of a smart irrigation control are obvious:

  • Intelligent weather functions - irrigate when necessary and not only at pre-defined times
  • Switch off watering when rain is predicted
  • Evaporation is calculated with temperature and solar radiation and thus the necessary water useage
  • Save a lot of water - ideal when irrigated with rainwater from a cistern or mains
  • Control and programming quite simply via Android or iOS App
  • Integrated water meters can signal leaks or pump failure: Alarm via SMS
  • Programming on the go - Networking your irrigation system with mobile Internet-enabled devices offers many possibilities.