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Pumps & Filters

Pumps are used to ensure the water supply for your irrigation from a cistern or well gets to where it is needed. The selected pump should match your irrigation project in terms of performance and flow. The correct dimensioning of the pump is decisive for smooth operation:

  • If the pump is oversized, it will be constantly switched on and off, as not enough water is drawn. This is often the case when the irrigation system has been designed to be quite powerful, e.g. for the operation of geared sprinklers, and then a further irrigation circuit is planned to be added for drip irrigation of beds or hedges. In this case, drip irrigation should also be carried out in such a way that it produces a higher amount of water per hour with a shorter irrigation time.
  • If the pump is undersized, it may not be able to produce a sufficient amount of pressure to allow pop-up sprinklers to rise and spray nozzles to reach the expected spray width/distance. It is important not to use the maximum volume of the pump stated in the operating instructions as a basis for planning, but to account for the flow rate at the operating pressure (e.g. 3.5 bar at 35 metres altitude) from the characteristic curve of the pump.

For wells and cisterns

  • submersible pumps
  • waterworks
  • suitable for well pumps.

A pump relay, a Startbox and a filter are required for operation. Whether it be tap water, well water or cistern water: Filters reliably protect your irrigation system from lime, sand and organic material and thus ensure that the system can function reliably.