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Hunter Spray Nozzles Pro-Nozzles for your Garden

Spray nozzles are an excellent choice for smaller projects such as home gardens and small lawns. The popular and versatile sprinklers distribute the water evenly over a set radius. Their range is relatively small, so more sprinklers are required compared to rotary sprinklers in order to irrigate the same area. The amount of precipitation is higher compared to the MP rotator, so that fewer nozzles can be used per irrigation circuit. But the small range also makes them more versatile.

Hunter PS Ultra and Hunter Pro-Spray offer a wide range of fixed sprinklers and retractable sprinklers with heights up to 30 cm. The Hunter Pro-Spray PRS30 also features pressure regulation optimized for use with Pro-Spray nozzles.

A wide range of nozzles allows you to choose the type of spray for each sprinkler, suiting the topography of your garden:

The adjustable Hunter Pro nozzles can be adjusted to any angle between 0° and 360°, so you can optimally match your irrigation system to the topography of your garden. Fixed sector nozzles are professional spray nozzles with full, half or quarter circle patterns. They ensure even water distribution and minimized spray mist formation. The group of strip nozzles includes special nozzles for centre and end strips, corner and side strips and offer innovative irrigation solutions for narrow lawns, flower boxes and slopes.

Each nozzle type has different models for a variety of applications.

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