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MP-Rotator nozzles

Hunter MP rotators are rotary jet nozzles.

These nozzles have an identical precipitation of 10mm per hour, per square meter. This means that all MP rotator nozzles can be used together in the same irrigation circuit.

The only exception is the MP800, which has a precipitation of 20mm per hour per square meter.

Calculate the number of sprinklers for your garden.

For example, if the sprinkler sector is increased from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, the sprinkler?s water consumption doubles. Using the consumption tables it is very easy to calculate how much water each nozzle consumes. This allows the convenient design of an irrigation system.

If the available amount of water is known, the number of possible irrigation circuits required can be calculated. The nozzles should be aligned to irrigate from head to head. This means, for example, that with a nozzle that sprays four metres (mp1000), the next nozzle is mounted at a distance of 4 metres.

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