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Sprinklers & Fittings

Sprinklers are suitable for irrigation from above. Of course the lawn comes to mind first - but beds and groundcover can also be watered with sprinklers. Sprinklers spray evenly over the lawn or rotate with their water jet in a circle over the lawn. For lawn irrigation, pop-up sprinklers with ten-centimetre risers (e.g. Hunter Pros-04) are suitable. There are heights of up to 30 centimetres for beds.

Here you?ll find everything you need to know about Hunter MP rotators and accessories - the proven, high-quality pop-up sprinklers, spray nozzles, geared sprinklers, surface sprinklers and sprinkler fittings.

  • pop-up sprinklers are mounted in the ground. As soon as water pressure arrives at the sprinkler, the riser extends (e.g. 10 cm), carries out the irrigation and, after switching the water off, disappears again into its underground housing. Extremely tidy, without any garden hoses lying around - nice to look at when the system is running and otherwise invisible. The installation is a bit more complicated, but afterwards you have the good feeling that you have installed a solid solution for the next 20 years.
  • The Hunter MP Rotator is the entry-level and professional spray nozzle that screws onto the sprinkler body. The MP rotators, differentiated by their colours, mark different spray widths (in m), spray patterns (in m x m), flow rates (in m³/h) and radius (in m). Radius (also called distance) is adjustable and in most cases. MP rotators and spray nozzles are equipped with a water filter that keeps impurities away from the small openings.
  • Spray nozzles with fixed or adjustable spray angle are suitable for watering smaller lawns.
  • Gear-operated sprinklers achieve particularly large spray widths and are suitable for large lawns, preferably at right angles. Surface sprinklers are suitable for large areas.
  • Sprinkler fittings are the connections between the secondary line and the sprinkler. The professional arranges the sprinklers in such a way that the sprinkler circuits overlap laterally - for an example of how to determine sprinkler circuits, see our Planning Manual. The supply lines to the sprinklers are laid underground so that you can enjoy your green lawn as usual.
  • Surface sprinklers are usually connected to a PE pipe which is laid underground. If the installation is to be carried out very quickly and without earthworks, PE pipes or garden hoses laid above ground can also be used.