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Control & Sensors

Control units automatically regulate the garden or balcony irrigation system, starting and stopping irrigation according to the pre-determined duration, cycle and start tim. Hunter and Rainbird irrigation controllers feature user-friendly features, intelligent control, and a variety of water-saving options to help you customise the irrigation system in your garden.

Control with sensors

Controls with climate sensors (Hunter X-Core + Solarsync) or modern smart controls can adjust the running time of the irrigation based on the current weather. In this way you save water and the plants are supplied optimally and according to need. The connection of sensors, e.g. a rain sensor or a soil moisture sensor, to your control unit serves to save water. If there is natural precipitation and the soil is sufficiently moist, irrigation is interrupted, or not started at all. As soon as the sensor has dried out again, irrigation is further enabled.

Remote control with app: Smart Garden controls

Smart Garden controls are connected to the Internet via wifi. This allows you to regulate irrigation in your garden or balcony from any location with a tablet or smartphone.

Automatic 220V control

A 220 Volt control, on the other hand, works without a wifi connection. Many 220V controls can still be upgraded with wifi modules to Smart Garden control.
The control is directly connected by cable to the solenoid valves through which the water flows to the sprinklers.

Control at the tap with batteries

There are control units that are suitable for direct use at the tap. These are designed for small systems.

Solenoid valve distribution control

The solenoid valve distribution is addressed directly by the controller. A solenoid valve is opened by the controller, usually with 24 V AC (24 VAC). As long as voltage is applied, the solenoid coil attracts the valve, it opens and water flows. Thus different areas of the garden can be irrigated differently depending on their individual water requirement.

Controller connection

A multi-core underground cable is used for the electrical connection between the controller and the solenoid valves. Waterproof electrical connectors prevent corrosion of the connection points.