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Irrigation Control 220V

Automated controls for your irrigation system

With an automated control (220 Volt) fixed irrigation times can be adhered to, changed in the course of the seasons and adapted to the respective requirements. Here, too, we offer different systems for every need, from mini gardens to large plants. It is advisable to connect a rain or soil moisture sensor to the control unit so that the system does not over-water during natural precipitation with sufficient soil moisture penetration. This saves water and ensures that not too much water is introduced into the soil.

For home gardens we recommend Hunter X-Core and the Hunter Solar Sync Rain Sensor or the Soil Click Soil Moisture Sensor.Larger gardens are reliably supplied with the necessary amount of water using the control elements Pro-C or Rain Bird and a rain sensor.

Controllers for indoor and outdoor mounting

The Dream-Team: With a control by Hunter X-Core and the climate sensor Solar Sync, the daily watering duration is automatically regulated - adapted to the respective weather conditions. The system does not even switch on when it rains - this saves you water and protects your plants from excessive precipitation. Available as an indoor version for installation in a garage or cellar and outdoor version with additional lockable housing.

Irrigation controls are usually designed for a certain number of irrigation circuits. If you want to expand or supplement your system, you can tackle this without any problems with our modular and expandable control systems.

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