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Garden Irrigation Sets

Our sets and systems for garden irrigation and greenhouse make it easy to select and install components for your irrigation system. To make planning and installation as simple and practical as possible, we have developed our own Plug&Rain® assembly systems, a product range in which curated component groups are pre-assembled and provided ready for installation.

  • Plug&Rain® test sets introduce the relevant components of an irrigation system. You can inspect the parts in advance, compare different quality levels and conveniently familiarise yourself with the installation steps.
  • Plug&Rain® assembly sets make it much easier to select and install your irrigation system, for both micro-irrigation and underground irrigation. Pre-assembled sets - from the pre-assembled valve distribution to the final pop-up sprinkler package, complete with couplings and fittings - make selection and installation simple and easy.
  • Plug&Rain® all-in-one sets live up to their name - ready-to-install systems for various applications in garden irrigation, at a fair price and in three freely selectable and combinable quality levels. Simple, fast and safe.

DVS Test-Set