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City & Plants

Green in the city - ecological, trendy and challenging

Whether it be houseplants in pots or vegetables in troughs, raised beds or other containers - so-called Urban Gardening - plants are finding their way into urban areas more abundantly to assume an environmentally friendly, social, and economic function.

Be it in small cities or in expanding metropolises, shared kitchen or city gardens, social projects for more environmental awareness or even real Urban Farming with whole vegetable productions on roofs, green spaces are enjoying increasing popularity in cities.

The city is becoming greener, and just as in the countryside, the urban environment is faced with the question of efficient, water-saving and species-appropriate irrigation, because crop management with low soil or substrate volume brings with it challenging conditions.

In this category you can find all products and systems that make it possible to optimally supply plants and flowers with water within the urban environment.

Systems for your balcony irrigation you will find HERE in an extra category.