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Balcony & Terrace

Irrigation for balcony and terrace plants

With some imagination and clever use of space, even small balconies and terraces can become a green oasis. Whether they be ornamental plants, mini kitchen gardens with kitchen herbs and vegetables or a combination of both - a green balcony or a beautifully planted terrace is an oasis of relaxation as well as an extension of our homes.
Our planning manual for balcony irrigation, which can be found in the planning section, offers the information and tips on all aspects of irrigating balcony and terrace plants. In sets and systems category there is a variety of pre-compiled irrigation solutions for balconies and terraces, which can be used for both a limited time and all year round.
With the right irrigation, even south-facing balcony plants can stay well-watered, remaining green and healthy. In general, balcony plants are particularly exposed to the weather. For example, the air on a south-facing balcony quickly heats up to over 35 degrees, which results in significantly higher evaporation. The plants then need considerably more water in order not to wither.
On balconies and terraces, micro-irrigation products are mainly used for watering pot plants. Sprayers and drippers ensure blossom-friendly watering close to the roots, covering the individual needs of each plant. This way, the water output can be adapted to each individual plant.
Even without a water source at your outdoor living area, automatic irrigation on the balcony and terrace is possible. For these cases a water tank can be used, both high tanks and ground-level tanks are an option. It?s even possible to use rainwater.
The control options are versatile. Whether it be a battery-powered control unit or even an app-controlled irrigation pump, it depends completely on personal taste.