Tools for the Installation of Irrigation Systems

Tools you need for the installation of an irrigation system

Tools make the work of irrigation installation easier. Even though most connections can be fitted by hand during installation, a tool or two will help. With our tools, irrigation systems can be assembled quickly and easily.

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Installing an irrigation system yourself: Solutions and tools for the installation

Installing an irrigation system yourself is a very good idea, because you know your garden best! For installing the irrigation system, you usually only need what you already have in the cellar or in your workshop. Some of our tools, however, make the installation so much easier. In this category we show you tools that are useful for the installation. All tools can be ordered directly in our online shop.

1. Hand tools: Parts that you almost certainly have at home already

Hand tools for simple tasks. These include pliers, screwdrivers and shovels. These parts are handy for every irrigation installation and with them you can easily connect the necessary parts and carry out small digging jobs.

2. Trench digging tool: Digging the trench takes the most effort - the Geotrencher makes this job easier for private and commercial customers

For every problem, the industry finds a solution. The manufacturer Georipper/Geotrencher has been on the market for several years now, offering its systems and machines to the 'green' industry. The task of digging the trench for laying the PE pipes is the longest and most strenuous step in the installation of an irrigation system. This device considerably reduces the effort required. For private customers, it is worthwhile to rent the equipment at a reasonable cost. The machines can be sent by parcel. The rental costs consist of wear and tear on the material (trench chain) and machine rental.
For commercial customers and craftsmen, the purchase of the digging tool is worth it after just a few projects. Information on the Georipper can be found here.

A rotary trencher is a very efficient tool for digging trenches in the lawn or garden in preparation for the installation of an irrigation system. It saves time and provides a clean cut line so that no roots get damaged by excessive digging.

3. Pressure gauge

It is good to have a measuring device available already when planning the irrigation system. The amount of water that comes out of the pipe or pump is usually not enough to irrigate the whole area of the garden all at once. Therefore, a valve distribution system is used to supply the individual areas of the garden. The control system then activates one valve after the other.

A pressure gauge measures the amount of water that can be withdrawn from the pipe without the pipe pressure falling below 3.5 bar during water withdrawal. These requirements are derived from the manufacturers' technical data. If a nozzle functions optimally at 2.8 bar and the pressure loss in the pipe system is 0.7 bar, water must be supplied at 3.5 bar. After the irrigation has been installed, the question may arise as to whether everything fits with regard to water pressure. With the pressure gauge you can then measure whether the pressure is too low or too high.

We have created a video tutorial that explains the measuring process in detail.

4. Pipe cutter: Straight cut by hand for a neat connection

We recommend the pipe cutter unconditionally. This device has several advantages: a pipe cutter is the ideal alternative to all-purpose cutters (risk of injury) and saws (chips get into the pipe). Above all, however, the tool helps to make straight, right-angled cuts. Due to ist shape, the blade is directly guided at right angles and cuts neatly.
Clean cutting edges are essential for the installation using pressure fittings and Blu-Lock fittings, and water-tightness is guaranteed.

5. Deburrer

If you use Irritec, Gardena or Unidelta pressure fittings for your irrigation system, there is a possibility that an undeburred pipe will catch on the O-ring seal. Using a deburrer eliminates this risk by conically peeling off the outer cut edge of the pipe.

6. Teflon tape - Seal the thread of the components

Many of our couplings, especially in the area of valve distribution, are equipped with end seals.This basically applies to all products and categories from the union fittings range. However, when installing pipes and sprinkler heads, it is possible that joints or couplings are fitted that do not have an end seal. To ensure that the system is tight and water does not drip from the joints, you can wrap several layers of Teflon sealing tape around the threads of the components. Always apply the tape to the thread surfaces in the direction of the thread and then tighten it.

7. Compressed air fitting

Apart from the tools, the subject of compressors is an important element in irrigation. Often. you might already have one in your workshop. The irrigation system must be drained before the first frost in winter so that the system can make it safely through the cold season. If water were in the system, it would be a risk to the installed material. This is because freezing water expands and can burst plastic and even metal.
When selecting a compressor, a unit with sufficient volume should be chosen. Depending on the type of irrigation and the size of the garden, the compresser should be able to produce a sufficient volume of air.

8. Pressure fitting installation aid - irrigation of planting areas

The larger the pressure fitting you want to use in your irrigation system, the more likely it is that you will need a tool for tightening the pressure fittings. For garden irrigation, 25 mm pressure fittings or the 24 mm Blu-Lock system are often sufficient. There is no need for tools. However, tools are used when irrigating larger areas with 40 mm or 63 mm systems.

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