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Valve boxes for your irrigation system -  A valve box for irrigation valves

Valve boxes allow you to use your irrigation system efficiently and clearly. The valve boxes from Carson, Rain Bird or Irritec are made of high quality plastic and are easy to install. You have the choice between valve boxes of different sizes. Usually these sizes are called standard (1419) or jumbo (1220). A valve box 1419 is usually used for 4 solenoid valves, a 1220 for 5 or a maximum of 10 solenoid valves. We have a wide range of valve boxes available. In our Plug&Rain® system, we offer you ready-assembled valve boxes to which you only have to connect the PE pipe and the control cable.

Carson valve boxes
Carson valve boxes

Carson valve boxes are known in the irrigation industry for...

Irritec Valve Boxes
Irritec Valve Boxes

Irritec valve boxes are reliable products and have been used in...

Cable and electrical connections
Cable and electrical connections

Cables for irrigation - the connection between controller and...

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What is a valve box? The heart of your irrigation system

A valve box is a type of box that allows you to control the flow of water in your irrigation system. Valve boxes come in different sizes and with different numbers of valves. They usually come with a cover to protect the valves from the elements. Valve boxes are usually made of polypropylene, a durable plastic.

Telescopic screw fittings and swivel fittings for permanent maintainability

The valves in a valve box are opened and closed by a solenoid. A solenoid valve is an electrical device that uses magnetism to open or close a switch. When the solenoid is under current, it creates a magnetic field that opens the valve. When the solenoid is deactivated the valves are closed. A valve box is usually mounted with swivel fittings. Solenoid valves with male thread are recommended. The fittings then have female threads (1") so that even after years the valves can be removed from the fitting i.e. supply line.

Lid and bottom of the valve box - securing with hexagon screw and issue with condensation water

The lid of a valve box is usually available in the colour green. As a protection against children and vandalism, the lid is secured with a hexagon screw. Regardless of the size, the height of the valve boxes is identical, so that boxes of different widths can be neatly placed next to each other. Since condensation can build up on the valves and fittings during operation in summer, the valve box is usually open at the bottom and is placed on a drainage layer made of gravel or crushed stone. If required, a unit consisting of base, box and lid can also be supplied as a Drybox.

Winterising the irrigation - compressed air fitting on the valve box and compressor

Before the first ground frost, the entire irrigation system should be winterized. The best way to do this is with an air compressor which removes all the water from the pipes and valves in the supply line and the irrigation circuits. In the EXPERT and PREMIUM versions, compressed air fittings are already mounted in the valve box. In the ECO version, the box can be easily retrofitted with a compressed air fitting (article no.ZS-F06).

Planning your garden irrigation - the DVS Irrigation Planner

With our free online planning software the, DVS Irrigation Planner, you can plan your irrigation yourself in just a few steps. The valve box is automatically dimensioned, because the software calculates how many circuits and thus valves you need for your irrigation. At the end you will receive a parts list with all the material needed for the installation. You can see the value of the order and the individual prices directly in the list. You can adjust the price for your project e.g. by choosing the quality of your box. We offer pre-assembled valve boxes in ECO, EXPERT and PREMIUM quality. You can compare the features and details of the valve boxes e.g. in our Plug&Rain® catalogue.

Buy irrigation at DVS Beregnung: Valve boxes of different manufacturers and designs

Order your valve box now at DVS Beregnung at the best value for money. We offer valve boxes of different manufacturers and designs in our online shop. Within the Plug&Rain® irrigation system we offer pre-assembled valve boxes with 2 to 10 valves.  You can put the products directly into your shopping basket and order online. Thanks to our large stock we can dispatch your order quickly and with a short delivery time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pick up your order in Tübingen, as we ship from different locations. If you have any questions about products and planning, please contact our customer service.